IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI Strengthen the roots to prevent healthy hair loss | Hairtransplant Istanbul

Healthy hair – beautiful, shiny, thick: chic hair is always admired and even envy of others. Alas, not all this wealth is granted from nature. However, to achieve such a result is quite possible, with the addition of another epithet – “well-groomed.”

It is on how much effort you are willing to attach to hair care, the final result depends on. Moreover, you can achieve it yourself at home.

It’s no secret that the external beauty depends on the health of the body. So the appearance of the hair affects the condition of their roots. Therefore, the question of the importance of strengthening the roots is not worth it – it goes without saying! Weak roots of hair – a direct way to their loss.

Interesting fact

Daily hair loss is a normal process if the “loss” does not exceed 60-80 hairs per day. These are already old, obsolete hair, which is naturally replaced by new, healthy ones.


What factors negatively affect the hair roots?

Disease of the body

Before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of internal disease – sometimes weakening of the roots is a symptom of the disease. In this case, the problem disappears immediately after recovery.

However, strengthening means will not be harmful to hair and without going to the doctor – they will simply not be so effective in the presence of diseases.

Wrong care

Hair is daily exposed to a number of factors – washing with chlorinated water, polluted environment, UV radiation, styling products … All this does not go without consequences. For example, not enough frequent washing of the head leads to the appearance of dandruff, and this is one of the factors that cause hair loss. Wearing tight hair or synthetic headdress leads to a violation of the circulation of the scalp – the result is the same!

Incorrect lifestyle and unbalanced diet

As mentioned earlier, our beauty depends on the condition of the body. How will the hair look like in a person who sleeps little, eats fatty foods without enough vitamins, smokes and consumes alcohol? That’s right – they will be lifeless, fat, dull. Do you need such a “beauty” in the burden of other diseases? Decide.

5 folk remedies for strengthening the roots of hair

Herbal decoctions were used by our great-grandmothers. It is best for rinsing to prepare infusions of nettle, plantain, chamomile, sage, burdock root.

Stimulating hair masks – compositions with mustard and pepper stimulate the blood circulation of the vessels of the scalp, which, in turn, causes the growth of new hairs.

Burdock oil – one of the most common means, which is part of most home hair masks. Add a few drops to your care product or rub it on the scalp at least three times a week.

Henna is very effective not only to strengthen the roots but also useful for rods – the hair becomes shiny, look healthy. If you want to avoid the likelihood of coloring in red, use a colorless henna.

Onion juice perfectly helps in the fight against prolapse.

A mixture of juice 1 onion and honey is rubbed into the scalp. And do not worry about the unpleasant smell – after rinsing with lemon juice it will disappear.