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Properly caring for an inflamed scalp

Often, doctors also advise against washing your hair every day! Especially for women and men who deal with the public or sit in important positions, this can be a big problem. But what are the proper ways to care for an inflamed scalp ?

How to properly care for an inflamed scalp

If a gentle shampoo is used, which does not degrease the hair and scalp, you can also wash it daily. An “everyday shampoo” should be as free as possible. In addition, it is important to abstain from too hot blow-drying.

During the summer the scalp should be protected from the UV light of the sun. Especially in people with short hair or already slightly thinned hair!

When can problems with an inflamed scalp arise ?

There are a number of diseases of the body that can also manifest on with an inflamed scalp. These include, for example, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, fungal diseases of the scalp. But also rheumatic diseases such as lupus erythematosus or malignant changes such as skin cancer or metastases.

Dermatologist, who will most likely make the correct diagnosis in most cases and initiate appropriate therapy. Relatively common are dry dandruff on the scalp. Which often leads simultaneously to the face and which must be treated with antifungal shampoos.

The cause is not an infectious fungus, but a derailment of the balance of the normal superficial scalp. Especially in the cold weather months and also triggered by stress!

What kind of issues can occur ?

Most common causes of an inflamed scalp are dry or moist dandruff, redness and itching. Allergies to hairdressing are on the rise, particularly common triggers are Cocamidopropyl betaine- It is a substance found in many shampoos.

Hair colors or tints often contain so-called “chromates” = chromium salts. If an allergy suspected on the scalp is suspected. An allergy test done by a dermatologist and allergologist will be needed.

Are scalp issues more common during the winter ?

Certain scalp problems such as dandruff and/or inflammation actually occur in winter. In particular the so-called “seborrheic eczema”. Which is certainly due to the absence of UV rays of the sun.

The so-called “UV comb”, which emits in the therapeutic combing of hair in practice ultraviolet light of a certain wavelength. Among which certain scalp inflammations actually much better or even completely heal (eg, the scalp psoriasis!).

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What should be considered as scalp care ?

One of the trends that makes sense with short hairstyles is a built-in sunscreen in appropriate shampoos and hair conditioners. Also, in products for short hairstyles can largely be dispensed with substances that increase the addressability of the hair, which make little sense in short hair.

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