Not everyone can live with the happiness of having abundant hair, and this can be hereditary or caused by an accelerated stress-filled lifestyle, without being able to avoid baldness.

Hair transplant turkey by dr. Balwi Elithairtransplant

There are different prices for each type of hair transplant.

After an endless list of hair products has been invented, there’s a medical procedure that can help you: the hair transplant, which is nothing more than transplanting hair to your head.

This is an alternative for those who want to recover the density of their hair, which not only helps with having better looks, but also having a better lifestyle quality for those who suffer from baldness or alopecia.

The hair transplant has been done for more than 50 years, and now there are modern techniques that will help in each particular case, in less time and with more grafted hair. You got to know that not everyone is a candidate for a hair transplant, so it’s better to visit a dermatologist so you can know which option suits each case, depending on your age, sex, hair type and where the loss is. For example, if a person who is between 18 and 25 years old would like to have a hair graft; it is not a good idea.

That’s because the surgeon can’t know where the hair loss will appear in the next few years. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some facts about this intervention.


You are the hair donor, making it a natural method. A good spot is chosen for the extraction based on the capillary density. The procedure is very quick, it doesn’t take more than one day (depending on the case) and the patient gets to choose the specific area to be treated. Only local anesthesia is used, so the patient remains awake throughout the intervention.

The micro-injuries caused by the FUE technique are completely healed in 3 days. At the first two or four months, after the graft, the hair begins to grow. The change becomes noticeable after the eighth month.

The FUE is much more cheaper but there are two different in the FUE 1. Manuell 2. Micromotor . The Micromotor is much more cheaper than the Manuell Method. But the Manuell FUE Method have generally the same price like FUSS.

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