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how to have a great hair care routine
Hair care

What is a good hair care routine?

You need to be consistent while considering your hair care routine. Just like your skin, you hair needs proper attention and care. Hair damage is caused due to lack of care and knowledge of the right hair products. Hair are a part of your personality, healthy and shiny hair is definitely going to give you glamorous and flawless looks.

Your hair losses their strength and shine as you grow, pollution, hair styling tools and stress are some other factors that can result in damaged hair. Therefore, you need to look after your hair and consistently follow a proper hair care routine and guess what’s the best part? You don’t have to follow this routine daily, you have to follow it once or twice a week.

Learn to know your hair and its type

Different hair types demands different amount of care and products, it is best that you know your hair type before applying the hair care products. Knowing the texture of your hair , level of hair oiliness and their types( curly, straight, coils and wavy) is quite important. To know your hair type, wash them without using any chemical products and let them dry without using any hair dryer.

There is other wrong perception among the people that straight hair do not need care. Although straight hair are easy to manage but they require as much care as the curly ones. Therefore, after you take a shower let your hair air dry and leave them for eight to ten hours to measure the levels of oil in your hair.

After that take a tissue and rub it on your scalp to take the oil test, if the tissue gets oily then you have oily hair. On the other hand the air dry will also show the real texture and type of your hair, then you can use the hair care products in accordance with your hair type.

What are the steps for a good hair care routine?

To follow a good routine there are certain things that you need to consider the following things:

Hair Trimming

Experts suggest you to trim your hair after every eight weeks or two months to get rid of split ends caused by the excess use of heat styling tools. Your hair become more rigid and rough at the ends by the use of styling tools and lose their shine and strength. It is necessary that you trim or cut the dead hair to avoid the hair breakage and split ends.

Comb In A Proper Way

There is a myth about over brushing and over combing your hair that it rapidly effects hair growth. Well, it’s totally wrong because over brushing can also result in hair breakage or damaged hair. Comb or brush your hair using bottom up approach, first comb the lengths of your hair by detangling them properly to avoiding the hair breakage then move towards the roots.

Combing Wet Hair

The thing most of us neglect while following the hair care routine is that after washing them we don’t wait for the hair to dry and start brushing them vigorously. Note that this thing will only lead to hair breakage. If you are in a rush and you are still considering your hair care routine, then comb your hair with a wide toothed comb and start at lengths. The best approach to get healthy hair is to avoid combing wet hair and let them air dry.

Avoid Daily Showers On Your Hair

Most of you think showering daily is the best option but like taking hot showers and daily showering can also wipe of the protective oils from your scalp while leaving your dry, frizzy and brittle. Experts suggest that if you have normal hair, then showering twice or thrice a week can be good. But if you have extra oily hair then taking a day off from shower might work good and if you have extra dry and frizzy hair then you might need to take a shower twice a week. Still there is no fixed criteria about having a shower schedule, these were just the recommendation by the experts.

Avoid Hot Showers

Your scalp has some amount of protective oil present and showering with hot water strips that away from your hair. In order to have shinier and healthy looking hair try to shower with cold or luke-warm water or with cold water. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose natural shine from your hair, avoid using hot water on your hair.

Loosen Your Hair

Loosen your hair, let them free naturally. With high ponytails and braids the hair might have a lot of tension in them and the hair shafts go through unnecessary pull. Just let your scalp and hair relax a little.

Avoid Excess Use of Hair Dyes

Now a days it is hard for you to avoid hair dyes when there are so much variations available in the market. Hair dyes have hydrogen peroxide and ammonia in them that destroys the outer layer of hair. To have strong and healthy hair you need to avoid the excess use of hair dyes and still if you are looking to dye your hair, try using ammonia free hair dyes to keep following the hair care routine.

Use Conditioners

Conditioning your hair is an essential part of your hair care routine. Most of the people don’t consider the use of conditioners and clearly they don’t know the value of it. Using conditioner regularly will moisturise your hair and give them healthy and shiny looks. Try using conditioner at the lengths of your hair and avoid hair roots, let the conditioner rest for five minutes and rinse it off simply with water. Use of conditioner will give your hair a smooth and silky texture.

Use Of Hair Oils

Carrier oils mixed with a few drops of essential oils are the biggest source of nourishment for your hair. Use of castor oil on hair will help them to thicken and grow. On the other hand olive oil mixed with any essential oil such as lavender oil or tea tree oil will leave you with wonderful and glamorous hair. It does not matter which type of oil you are using, just keep it on for 30 minutes or leave it overnight, the end results will be thick, long and healthy hair. Oils should be an essential part of your hair care routine because they don’t have any side effects.

Why is having an healthy diet so important for my hair care routine?

Your hair is entirely made up of protein and in order to maintain a healthy hair care routine, you need to eat healthy. Intake of right amount of nutrients is essential for healthy hair, diet rich in nutrients will help to strengthen the hair roots. To improve the quality of your hair and give them a healthier look you need to take the following nutrients from different dietary components:

  • Proteins: Meat, soy products and fish are the perfect source of protein.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Seeds and different types of nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Iron: Leafy vegetables such as spinach are the best source of iron.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is excessively present in orange juice, soy drinks, cheese and fatty fish.

You can also switch to the vitamins capsules after consulting your nutritionist if you have some issue with natural diet.

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Consistency is the key when you are following a hair care routine. It is obvious that you are not going to get the final results in just a single day. Follow a proper schedule, switch to diet rich in nutrients and avoid the use of chemicals or hair styling tools.

Chemical products and heat styling tools will only damage your hair and that can also be irreparable. Use of hair oils is the best and natural ways to treat your hair, however, there are many protein treatments available in the market that will give you attractive and beautiful hair.

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