Which hairstyle is best for me?

As a real macho, you did not dare to ask. It’s a pity because you’ve been able to have a healthier, better-fashioned and modern haircut for years. The good news is that it’s never too late, so let’s go the way to your perfect hairstyle.
It’s a good thing that you have found the perfect hairstyle for the last year of the fax, which you have not been separated for the past ten years, but what if we tell you that if you just crush more dedicate time and love your hair, make a small turn around with a few new one’s nursing rules, can you get a brilliant effect?

Which hairstyle is best for me?

We have news for you – years go by, trends change, a formula for care products and styling improve, and your hair changes over time – and that is what we have to be honest, not necessarily the best. To get the most out of your hair, allow her to stay dull and strong for longer, show that you are a trendless guy (and a few aches) – read this manicure guide for the 21st century. We promise you: we will not mention minerals, pranas, blaze, colorings or some other complicated treatments.

Most important:

You need to know your hair type

We have to get started with this because the type of hair depends on everything else. Let’s say someone asks you what your hair type is, what would you answer? Brown? Short? Ordinary? Sorry, guys, sit down, grade 1 – all these answers are incorrect. You go on a prolongation! Only if you know exactly what your hair type is, you will be able to provide the best care, the easiest to maintain and make it look great.

First of all, you have to know whether your hair is thin or sharp, whether it is flat, wavy or curly.

Soft hair

Here are two things – on a thin hair and not very much (here we are not talking about balding, we will only come to this). Your goal is to make it look fuller and more powerful, that is to say, by using a good shearing technique and a clever selection of hairstyles, make it look dense, stronger and more voluminous. Here’s how you will achieve this:
A good start is to choose a shampoo intended for thin hair. This will help you, in the beginning, to make your hair look louder and louder. However, the good news is that you do not have to wash it every day, in fact, cut off washing as much as possible because you will preserve the natural oils that produce your scalp and naturally protect your hair and give it enough moisture to make it look healthier and denser.

healthier and denser

In those days when you do not wash your hair (do not overdo it now and do not watch it for weeks) comb you or brush it to distribute the oils on your own, and you will also stimulate the scalp circulation to helpless hair fall (do not be afraid of hairy hair while combing – 50 to 100 hairs a day is quite normal).

It’s nice to wash your hair and let it dry naturally, right? There is no hassle, losing time, and that iridescent sound of a feather … Hm, but you have a problem with a thin hair and if you want to give it some apparent density, invest five minutes and take that hair in your hand. Apply a styling agent to moisturized hair and dry it with your fingers out of the roots. You will be surprised how much this little effort has an effect.
styling: If you have any oil-based product in your bathroom, donate it to your friend who has thick bushes, as this kind of preparation will only make your hair thin and flatten (and destroy all the effort you’ve made).

The best preparation for you is a foam for volume that you will apply to wet hair before drying. Squeeze the amount of walnut size, scrape it between your fingers and massage it with massage on the hair root.

Strong hair

Do not think this is a thick lump – even guys who have a strong hair can have rare hair. Here we talk about the thickness of the hair which, due to its structure, can often be disobedient and ruthless – at least until you apply these guidelines.

After training just operate rapid hair and that’s it ?! It’s totally wrong for your hair type. Here is the best solution for you to use a regenerator (come on, do not rub your eyes, it’s not just for girls, takes a minute, two and has a great effect on your hair).
Many hairdressers actually recommend that this type of hair does not wash every time with a shampoo, but always apply a regenerator because it will soften your hair, it will be easier to fall and make it easier to shape.
The best you suit or very short hairstyles or long hair. The middle is not the best solution because your hair is fairly inseparable and can easily leap in all directions. This will be avoided by a short haircut or hair removal, because long hair is heavier, which will pull it down so you will not look sad.

The biggest problem associated with this type of hair is the lack of moisture. The scales from the scalp are hardly rooted from roots to the top of the wavy hair, which makes it drier than other hair types. Your first step is to skip the shampoo here and there, or to choose the one with the formula specially designed for this hair (aha, and that’s it!).
The key is good haircutting. And although this hair can look good and if it’s long, do not go away from the shoulder unless you’re playing in a metal band.

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