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Brilliant thick hair is one of the indicators of the health of the body. Itching, dandruff skin of the scalp signal about this or that failure. The reasons why it itches are different. In some cases, they can be eliminated without resorting to a doctor- dermatologist.


Why does my head itch?

The scalp with the hair is called the scalp. Hair bulbs are immersed in a nutrient medium. If the body’s health is in order, they get everything they need, regardless of age. But every year the number of balding men and women increases. Some lose their hair, not reaching 20 years. In others, they last longer, but they do not look very well – thin, brittle.

The scalp itches, itches. Therefore, many believe that baldness with age is inevitable. Any changes – excessive dryness or fatness of hair, their loss, dandruff – signal about those or other violations. Like musculature, the scalp needs regular exercises to maintain tonus, stay strong. But instead, many begin to use only firming shampoos, other remedies.

They do not always give the expected result. In order not to scratch your head, hair ceased to fall out, blood circulation in the scalp is necessary. A simple way to stimulate blood circulation – regularly combing before going to bed. Start from tips to the base with a blunt and frequent crest. Then walk several times with a hard, but not a scratchy brush. You need to take care of your hair, keep it clean. Otherwise, dandruff or parasites appear. Special attention should be paid to long hair.

A common reason for itching your head is the wrong eating habits. For the health of the scalp, products containing protein – eggs, nuts, cheese, fish are needed. Foods high in sugar, starch, inclusion in the diet of sausages, ice cream, lemonade, hamburgers affects the condition of the hair. The cause of the itching of the head is often stress.

To withstand the intellectual burden, overcome fears not to have time on time, give the body strength to solve a complex problem, the blood rises in adrenaline. The hormone helps to withstand the stress for a long time, to mobilize the possibilities.

But if the load does not decrease, the tension becomes itchy. The head may itch because of pain in the back, shoulders, occiput, which are caused by muscular overstrain. The cause of the itching is the defeat of the fungus, which strong immunity successfully counteracts. When it is weakened, the fungus becomes active, itching and dandruff appear.

Itching from dandruff 

Many associates the appearance of dandruff with seborrhea, which is really not the case. The scalp is constantly renewed, dead skin cells are peeling off – dandruff. Depending on the number of fat compartments, it will be greasy or dry.

Apple cider vinegar.

To eliminate the itch, comb your hair until it is moistened, dipping the comb into apple cider vinegar, half diluted with water.

Tea mushroom

To rub in pure or clean hair monthly infusion of a tea mushroom. Moisten the cloth with infusion and gently moisten the skin. Half an hour later, wash your hair.