hair loss

When it comes to hair loss, one should know that there are several different causes for this phenomenon, and depending on the cause and the mode of hair loss there are several types of hair loss. They differ according to clinical course, treatment, and prognosis.
The most common form of hair loss is androgenic baldness that occurs in both men and women. The main cause is increased intestinal hair hypersensitivity to an active male hormone testosterone (dihydrotestosterone) metabolite that hampers the hair in its development, but gradually leads to complete hair loss and its root.
In men, this type of hair loss leads to different shapes and degrees of baldness, which may, depending on genetic predisposition, begin to develop even after the age of eighteen.

Androgen Depletion

Androgenic hair loss can occur in girls and women, and is often the result of the imbalance of sex hormones within the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which characterizes, besides hair loss, acne, dysfunctional menstrual cycle and increased body weight. PCOS treatment is performed by the teamwork of dermatologists, gynecologists, and endocrinologists. Complete gynecological, endocrinological and dermatological treatment needs to be done. The clinical picture of hair loss in girls and women is milder than in men, and we are not talking about androgenic baldness, but about diffuse hair growth.

Seasonal hair loss

The inevitable and expected drop in hair is what usually occurs in spring or autumn, as well as hair loss after delivery or breastfeeding. The word about the physiological decline of hair caused by the regeneration of the scalp. One should be worried if such hair loss is intensified by some other factors. Otherwise, it is considered normal if you drop to 100 hair per day. Natural hair regeneration is, therefore, a normal and common occurrence. But if hair loss is caused by health problems, their cure and hair problem should be gradually addressed.

What can we do?

In the case of increased hair loss, dietary supplements containing biotin and vitamin C, with the use of local formulations in the form of ampoules or sprays intended for enhanced hair loss therapy, are also desirable to use. Such compositions contain herbal preparations that relieve hair loss and plant extraction stimulating hormone activity that stimulate the vascular endothelial growth factor that is essential for hair growth. Additionally, local vasodilatatory preparations are also used, meaning that wider blood vessels at the site where the product is being applied, ie on the scalp, allow for better circulation at this site and better fiber root and surrounding tissue.

hair loss


Hemorrhoidal healing therapy usually needs to be carried out for at least a few months to notice the therapeutic effect. In men, of course, treatment will not lead to complete hair loss, but only to the delay and delay of the symptoms of baldness. If the focus of the treatment is demonstrated in the body, it should be treated with the use of local preparations intended for use in enhanced hair loss.