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Can a zinc deficiency cause hair loss ?

Nutrient and especially zinc deficiencies are one of the most common causes of hair loss. Here the first visible symptoms are the hair getting thinner and brittle. Are in this situation and looking for solutions? This article will allow you to know more about the subject.

Why is zinc good for your hair ?

This mineral is known to has a positive effect on the growth of your hair. It guarantees a healthy, nutrient-rich scalp while also having an anti-inflammatory effect. Zinc is therefore effective against hair loss because it protects against harmful environmental influences by neutralizing free radicals. It is an important basic element for healthy hair.

What are the symptoms of a zinc deficiency ?

These are manifested primarily with an increase in dandruff caused by a very dry scalp. The condition is also manifested by brittle and very dry hair.

Hair loss caused by nutrient deficiency usually appears in its diffuse form. This means that the hair loss on the whole scalp won’t be uniform, thus making unattractive patterns.

In addition to the visible symptoms mentioned above, other signs may also be an indication of a disability. These include apathy, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and lower performance.

Who is affected by this problem ?

People who are not careful about getting enough nutrients can be affected by baldness issues. As such, those who follow a diet often suffer from this deficiency.

In addition, a hormonal change – for example during pregnancy or menopause – may be the origin of the disease mentioned here. Similarly, drug treatments may be responsible.

How effective is zinc against hair loss ?

Hair growth is made possible by cell division. However, this can only happen no zinc deficiencies are present. In addition, it stimulates the metabolism which actively promotes hair growth.

In which foods do we find zinc ?

The human body is not able to produce the mineral by itself. For this reason, it is necessary to provide sufficient nutrients to the hair. For that purpose you can find zinc in beef and pork in large quantities.

But also wheat germs, eggs, cheese and seafood contain quantities that are equally important. Dried vegetables are also highly recommended. If that’s not enough, you can also go for dietary supplements. There is a very good offer for capsules and appropriate powders at your local store.

In addition, the nutrient supply in the roots of the hair is increased thanks to a sufficient supply of zinc. The body needs collagen (keratin) to grow healthy hair, as it is necessary for the hair to be well anchored in the scalp.

To be able to produce it, you need a sufficient quantity of zinc at the disposal of the body. Know that this mineral also helps manage the formation of sebum scalp.

Can solving a zinc deficiency treat all types of hair loss ?

Consuming zinc against hair loss can only help overcome this problem if it is triggered by a deficiency. If the alopecia is due to genetic, hormonal, medication or disease, zinc will unfortunately not help reduce it.

In those cases finding a competent doctor who can determine the cause of your baldness is the best thing to do. It is only after having your hair properly diagnosed that you can consider a professional hair treatment.

Are baldness issues related to zinc deficiencies permanent ?

If your hair loss is caused by a deficiency detected in time, it will be possible to stop the fall by overcoming it. With regard to zinc consumption against hair loss, you can expect to see a clear improvement after about two or three months.

Otherwise, the hair root may already have been affected. If this is the case, baldness will become permanent. Dead hair follicles unfortunately can no longer produce healthy hair.

This situation can generate a huge psychological burden and the only effective option to end it is to perform a hair transplant.

Is there a solution against other types of hair loss ?

The recent advances in the field of hair surgery make it possible to treat hair loss that has become permanent. Thanks to techniques such as the FUE hair transplant, it is now possible to regrow hair on your bald areas.

During a transplantation grafts are first extracted from a donor area. This is often located at the back of your head where there are often enough healthy follicular units.

Then the grafts are placed in a special nutrient solution and enriched, in order to prepare them to be implanted. The surgery is then performed almost painlessly and leaves no scars.

The final result is visible after about a year. This kind of intervention is the only permanent and effective way to restore your hairs. Plus it offers results that are very aesthetic and natural.

Overcoming zinc deficiencies is not always effective against hair loss

Stopping a zinc deficiency can help overcome an alopecia, but this is only possible under certain conditions. The mineral can only contribute to the reduction of the problem, in case it is linked to a deficiency.

However, if the roots of your hair are already damaged irreversibly only a surgery will be able to treat this permanently. It is therefore essential to always consult a specialist who can accurately determine the cause of baldness.

That’s why at Elithairtransplant we always offer you a free, no-obligation capillary assessment. To do this you simply need to contact our advisors either by phone or via Whatsapp.

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