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Your medical, Dr. Balwi, has more than 7 years experience with hair transplants. The doctor treated since 2009 under the name Elithairtransplant increasingly customers from Europe, the Middle East and Turkey.
The treatments take place exclusively in the Istanbul Florence Nightingale, one of the largest and most prestigious clinics in Europe. The clinic does a clean and excellent work that supports the patient in all respects. For our doctor, it is important that the patients are always feeling comfortable, to understand their concerns and fears. How it could succeeds better than with someone who has independently subjected himself to the procedure? There the doctor can understand the thoughts of the patients well. As head of the hair clinic and coordinator of the area of surgical hair restoration, since the development of the FUE technology Dr. Balwi is always up to date.

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  • Accommodation
  • Medical examinations
  • Transfer
  • Translator

In the hair transplant clinic you will receive a 30 year warranty * from the hospital on the transplanted hair that they grow and don’t fall off! (This applies to the packeges of Dr.Balwi)

*No guarantee for personal negligence by incineration without careful medication, concern and care in the first 6 weeks!
Experts in hair transplant in Turkey
Do not worry, we know exactly what we are doing. If you opt for a treatment with us, then you will benefit from many years of experience of self-concerned employees of Dr. Balwi and the Elithairtransplant team. Satisfied and happy customers who came mainly from Europe, the Middle East and also from Turkey  for a hair transplantation to Turkey, speak for themselves. For opinions, see Trust Pilot



  • High-quality service with super results and for pleasent prices

  • Over 7 years of experience and successfully performed on thousands of hair transplants

  • The team is exclusively specialized in hair transplants through the FUE technique

  • All-Round service: Transfer, Accommodation, Benefits and Follow-up, Medication & Care products, Translators

  • Periodically the medical team participates at education courses

  • FUE Hair transplant with the percutaneous technique

  • Individual cost plan

  • Second PRP treatment after 6 months for free

  • Periodically vistis from Dr. Balwi in Europe

  • Free hair analysis within of 24 hours

  • JCI/ISO certified clinic

  • 30 years guarantee proof

  • Excelent qualifications of the clinic in international rankings

  • Lifelong Consultation

  • Modern FUE technique

  • High density: Till 120 Grafts per cm² (Dense Packing)

  • High quality

  • No additional costs

  • Hair removal with the percutaneous technique

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Hair Transplant in Istanbul – Turkey 

In one of the biggest and most prestigious clinics of Turkey – High quality  and a great price-performance ratio

Specialist in hair transplants in Turkey: Dr. Balwi

Full and healthy hair is an important feature of beauty that radiates youthfulness and vitality. If it comes to hair loss, it is therefore considered by many affected persons as very stressful. But there is no reason to be concerned, because modern plastic-aesthetic surgery offers both, for men and women numerous innovative hair transplant procedures that are as gentle as effective. Elitehairtransplant collaborates with renowned specialist in hair transplantations Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi which ranks among the top experts in the field of hair transplants.

Dr. Balwi was one of the first doctors from Turkey and Europe who used the FUE technique.
His whole medical team has the necessary experience, competence and passion for their work. Because of the use of the percutaneous technique it is possible to guarentee a growth of 90% for the implanted hair.

Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul

Team Dr. Balwi – over 5000 successful operations

An extract from out satisfied clients – 100% satisfaction guarantee

With our “All-round Carefree Packages” your Hair Transplant turns to a trip

100% Transparent | 100 % Safe | no additional costs

Haartransplantation Türkei Istanbul

Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery (International)

Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery (International)

ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International)

ISO Certification – International Organization for Standardization (International)

JCI - Joint Commission International (International)

JCI – Joint Commission International (International)

EPCD - Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Dernegi (Turkey)

EPCD – Estetik Plastik Cerrahi Dernegi (Turkey)

London Florence Group

London Florence Group

TPCD - Türk Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Dernegi (Turkey)

TPCD – Türk Plastik, Rekonstrüktif ve Estetik Cerrahi Dernegi (Turkey)

RMCD - Rekonstrüktif Mikrocerrahi Dernegi (Turkey)

RMCD – Rekonstrüktif Mikrocerrahi Dernegi (Turkey)

TTB - Türk Tabipleri Birligi (Turkey)

TTB – Türk Tabipleri Birligi (Turkey)

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Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul


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Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul


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Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul

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