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10 Tips for long Hair

Long hair is always trendy, but only when it’s healthy, beautiful and nurtured. And how to nurture and enable her to grow faster? What is the right hair care? Anyone who has ever tried to let his hair know that it is not at all a naïve battle. It should be tackled with bleeding ends, dry hair or too much oily hair. It takes a lot of time for it to grow and to be brilliant and healthy at the same time.

10 Tips for long Hair
Here are some tips for getting the right hair and hair growth you need to know.

1. Combing takes a lot of time.

No haste! Do you know those scenes in movies where the girl sat in front of the mirror and begins her ritual of combing? That’s what your hair needs. Care and attention. You will not achieve this speedily. So feel free to consider the option of positioning a chair in front of the mirror. It’s important that you know that combing never starts from the top of the head with moves that are rapidly lowering towards the ends. Start patiently from the ends because they are the most frustrated and slowly split them with combs. As long as your hair is thick, in this work, comb with wide teeth is much better and more efficient than a brush!

2. Clean your hairbrush regularly.

The hair, dead cells of the hair and the fats that remain on it are ideal for microbial development. Although we live in symbiosis with them and certain bacteria and fungi are part of our skin, if there are too many, they become attached. Some of them are the cause of hair loss. It’s clear as a day – this will not help your hair grow faster. So, after every hairbrush, clean your brush basically.

3. Listen to your hair.

No, we do not even mean some special skills you need to figure out what kind of care you need for faster growth and on which side you need to combine the partition. Literally, listen to the sounds that occur while combing your hair. Do you hear rude tones while brushing? That means just one thing – break it and you’re killing it. Stop it right now if you want your hair to grow faster.

4. Choose the right hair shampoo.

Too strong shampoos, those that stick with a single drop and act as a magic concentrate, are not good for your hair. The best thing to do is to make your choice a natural shampoo that is gentle to your skin, but also to the very structure of the hair. Strong shampoos with strong odors appear great at first glance, but your hair after their constant use will remain exhausted, dry and lifeless. Although paints and treatments damage your hair, you must know that you are most likely to cause the most damage to what you do most often – poor daily care and washing.

5. Do not wash your hair too often.

The hair is sensitive and every physical impact on it will be reflected in its quality. And the washing, you must admit, requires a lot of rubbing hair and is not at all gentle towards her. The skin of the head is also important. Too much shampoo washing, it will make the skin sensitive to the head and it will try to adjust in some way – or will begin to get more grease and create a protective layer, or will give up the fight and become dry and full of dandruff. Both interfere with the hair to be beautiful, long, shiny and healthy. A healthy scalp, but also the proper care of the scalp itself, is what the hair grows rapidly.

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6. The haircut is your friend.

Just hold on to those who do not have metal parts in which hair is always intertwined and damaging to the hair. If you have long hair, then you know how hard it can be to do anything if it is released. Then you fold it, move it, and in the end, you have a lot more impact on it than if you simply tied it and put it off. Bring it and when you lie down to sleep and if you go outside in the windy weather. All this can affect the fragility and health of your hair and its appearance. Do not pick it up in a tail and fit it often by dividing it in half and tightening it. It destroys the cuticles on your hair and makes it sparkle. Do not tighten too much. A nice and neatly buried hair does not have to hurt.

7. Regularly cut your hair.

Every second month, shorten at least 5 millimeters of hair. If you wait too long, the hair will blossom and the damage at the ends will expand into more. In the end, you will need to shorten much more than you want your hair to stay healthy. The hair, of course, does not grow from the ends than from the root, or from the hair follicle. To grow faster, a regular haircut is not the only measure you need to apply. Encourage her to grow faster with a message of the head. So your skinhead will be better bled and the follicles will get enough nutrients, and therefore faster hair growth will be more likely.

8. Protect your hair from the sun.

Not only does your skin require protection against harmful sun’s UV rays, but it also needs your hair. As for the preparations you are about to do, stick to the natural ones. For this purpose, the best is macadamia oil and coconut oil. In addition, no hat is a bad option.

9. Regularly change the pillow.

The dead skin cells that remain on it make your skin become greasy and hence your hair. Oily hair requires more wash, and this becomes more and more burdensome and destroys hair. For healthy and long hair, it is best to slip around the pillow without interruption, as this prevents damage to the hair. What to do? Get a pillow made of silk or satin.

10. Keep yourself healthy.

Well-balanced diet means vital and healthy skin and hair that grows and grows rapidly. Let your diet contain a lot of vitamins, A, C, E, and especially vitamin B of the complex. In addition to vitamins, minerals such as magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, copper are needed for its growth. Omega 3 fatty acids have proven to be excellent for hair growth, and reach for the foods they contain, such as fish, olive oil, nuts, linseed. 3% of your hair is made from omega 3 fatty acids. Drink enough water. Everything that grows requires water, as well as everything that needs to be vital and brilliant, not brittle and dry. Be sure to check with yourself how much water you drink daily. But really!