why hair falls out explained in this article

7 reasons why hair falls out and how to stop it

Hair usually falls due to several factors. To stop that fall, we show you the most common reasons and how to solve it.

Are you suffering from hair loss and do not know how to end this process? We bring you the ten most common reasons why you tend to fall and tell you how to stop it. Surely if you follow these steps everything will be much simpler.

1. Thyroid related diseases

One of the reasons why hair falls out is due to thyroid problems. When this happens it is because our body experiences a hormonal imbalance that can appear by the menopause, by problems in the endocrine system or by diabetes.

How to solve it ?

If you suspect that hair loss may be due to a problem of these characteristics you will have to go to an endocrinologist to do the necessary studies and indicate the appropriate treatment.

2. Reasons why hair falls out : unbalanced diet

Sometimes we make diets so hard that we only harm our health. Keep in mind that if we lose a lot of weight in a short period of time this will not be good for our body and will weaken our immune system. All this will result in a hair fall. In the event that you also have respiratory diseases and infections, the body will recover later.

How to solve it?

Instead of opting for hard diets, exercise regularly.

3. Chronic stress

Chronic stress can also cause hair loss, as it affects the blood flow that reaches the scalp. The good news is that if the hair falls out due to stress this loss recovers quickly.

How to solve it ?

Make sure that you rest certain hours a day and that you know how to find a way to relax. In the case that you have emotional problems and do not know how to solve them, you should go to a psychologist.

4. Incorrect treatment of the capillary leather

Performing an incorrect treatment of the scalp also takes its toll. And it is that there is a series of products that have to be used very sporadically and does not make frequent use of them. Among these devices are a hair dryer, curling iron or iron.

How to solve it?

Try to limit the use of the dryer, iron, and chemicals and also consult a professional to recommend the treatment and styling products that do you good. Although it is claimed that sulfates are bad for hair, there is no evidence that they cause hair loss.

5. Reasons why hair falls out : using medications

The fact of consuming certain medications can also cause hair loss. Among these, we find some intended for people who have high blood pressure. Here, there would also be antidepressants that usually cause a side effect that is precisely hair loss.

How to solve it?

If you stop taking them you will see how your scalp is restored. However, in no case stop taking this type of medication without consulting your doctor.

6. Anemia

Anemia causes hair loss. This happens because the blood flow in the scalp is affected by the lack of iron. To know if you can suffer from anemia you will have to see if you experience a series of symptoms such as sleepiness, general weakness or apathy.

If you see that you do have these signals, you should know that it is time to check the level of hemoglobin in your blood.

How to solve it?

If after an analysis it is confirmed that you have anemia, you will have to add more foods that contain iron to your diet. Among these foods are pomegranates, beef, and apples. In the case of not better, you will have to take some type of iron supplement that your doctor will tell you.

7. Why hair falls out following an avitaminosis

You should also bear in mind that you may suffer hair loss because you have a deficiency of microelements and vitamins. It is essential that you look if you have vitamin C deficiency because it is essential for the absorption of iron and stimulates the production of collagen that strengthens the scalp. It will also make your hair more fragile if you have vitamin B deficiency.

How to solve it ?

Include in your diet foods that are rich in vitamins C, B, and other healthy microelements.

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