Beard Hair Transplant in Turkey

The Beard Transplant with Dr. Balwi

Recover a full beard within a few months

A beard transplant gives striking contours to a man’s face – it emphasizes masculine traits and can conceal unfavorable proportions on the cheeks or chin. Usually caused by a hereditary predisposition, scars or damage due to certain hormones. Alopecia issues are the most common reasons why natural facial hairs are locally or extensively scantier than desired. Making a beard implants surgery to increase one’s attractiveness has long been a well-guarded beauty secret by celebrities and politicians. However beard transplants are now finally made affordable for all, thanks to the lower prices of performing this kind of treatment in Turkey.

The costs of the surgery are thereby a very important decision-making criteria for choosing a hair loss clinic. For that reason Elithairtransplant offers cost-attractive all-inclusive treatment packages for a successful beard transplant in Turkey.

The advantages of a beard transplant

  • Natural results within few months

  • You get a higher density of beard hair

  • The result is visible, natural and aesthetic

  • The ambulatory technique is fast, easy and mostly painless

  • You can return to your normal life immediately

  • Our price-quality ratio is extremely attractive

  • Can be combined with a normal hair transplant

  • Up to 70% cheaper than in other countries

The art of beard transplant with Elithairtransplant’s experienced teams

Regarding the beard surgery procedure it is performed on an outpatient basis and takes place under local anesthesia. The duration of a beard hair transplant is dependent on the quantity of grafts that have to be transplanted. But usually, only a few hours are needed. You can use our graft calculator, that can give you an individual estimation of the numbers of grafts needed.

Our partner clinic, the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi, has specialized in hair transplants for over a decade now. This hair loss clinic fulfills all international standards thanks to its JCI certification. This and a longstanding reputation of successfully conducted operations are the reason for the clinic’s international renown.

Furthermore this establishment, that works in a close relationship with our head surgeon Dr. Balwi, uses only highly modern equipment. With Elithairtransplant you’ll always have the insurance of having the best treatment possible for an affordable price !

Your best partner for a successful hair surgery in Turkey: Elithairtransplant

the beard transplant withdr. balwi and elithairtransplantWe have been conducting trustworthy and cost-saving hair surgeries in Istanbul since 2009. Those are made in cooperation with the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi, an institute specialized in hair transplants. Elithairtransplant, alongside Dr. Balwi and his team, will always provide you with a comprehensive service oriented to the individual requirements of our patients.

In the case of language barriers, you can opt for a beard transplant in Turkey without any worries. Our all-inclusive treatment packages of Elithairtransplant include an english speaking support from the get-go. We organize the date arrangement(s) with the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi and will provide you with an interpreter. Chiefly in order for you to fully to understand all the medical informations that will be given.

By choosing Elithairtransplant, you’ll have a partner that manages completely your beard transplant journey in Turkey. From setting a non-binding cost estimate and the date planning for the treatment up to the aftercare. Furthermore, our all-inclusive treatment package encompasses your hotel accommodation as well as the transfer between airport, hotel and clinic. Plus, of course, the costs of the surgery including preliminary and follow-up examinations. The only thing you’ll have to worry about are booking your flights to and from Istanbul.

You can trust our head surgeon Dr. Balwi and his team’s professionalism as they have performed thousands of hair transplants, including beard implants. Together we will alway offer you the best quality for the most attractive prices. This while maintaining the highest health and security standards, our philosophy being to always put our patient’s well-being as our top priority. You have more questions ? We are reachable around the clock and will gladly answer all your inquiries.

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