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Beard Transplant with Dr Balwi

Gain a full beard within a few months

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A beard is, without any doubt, very important for the man. It gives striking contours to his face by emphasising masculine traits and concealing unfavourable proportions on the cheeks or chin. Unfortunately, scars, genetic predispositions or hormone deficiency can cause the hair on the face to become sparse or even completely disappear in some areas, making it impossible for a man to grow a beard.

A treatment tailored for those who cannot grow a beard

With beard implants, you now have the chance to adjust your appearance to your wishes. Many public figures have undergone this procedure to emphasise their masculinity and to get a new attitude towards life. Fortunately, it has now become much more affordable and almost everyone can have it.

There are two decisive factors to consider while choosing a hair transplant clinic: the doctor’s competence and the price of the treatment. Elithairtransplant clinic in Istanbul specialises in facial hair transplants and its team led by Dr Abdulaziz Balwi comprises one of the best doctors in the field of hair surgery.

Beard transplant in Turkey

The art of the beard transplant with Elithairtransplant’s experienced teams

Beard transplant process

Regarding the beard implant surgery procedure, it is performed on an outpatient basis and takes place under local anaesthesia. The duration of a beard transplant is dependent on the quantity of grafts that have to be transplanted. But usually, only a few hours are needed. You can use our graft calculator, that can give you an individual estimation of the numbers of grafts needed.

Our partner clinic, the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi, has specialized in hair transplants for over a decade now. This hair loss clinic fulfills all international standards thanks to its JCI certification. This and a longstanding reputation of successfully conducted operations are the reason for the clinic’s international renown.

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The advantages of a beard implant

  • Natural-looking results within a few months
  • You get a higher beard hair density
  • The result is visible, natural and aesthetic
  • The treatment is fast, easy and mostly painless
  • You can return to your normal life immediately
  • Our price-quality ratio is extremely attractive
  • Can be combined with a normal hair transplant
  • Up to 70% cheaper than in other countries
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The advantages of making a beard transplant in Turkey

Do beard transplants last forever?

A beard transplant is the only treatment that can have life-long results, however the lifespan of a beard after a transplant will depend on a person. The facial hair transplant is carried out on-site as an outpatient procedure and is almost painless thanks to our Comfort In technique. Before the surgery, the doctor must determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a beard implant. The main prerequisite here is that the colour and the texture of your hair on the scalp matches your beard and can create a natural look. Usually, it is not a problem for our prospective patients.

After the donor hair has been removed from the area, the hair follicles are first sent to the laboratory for preparation. There they are stored in a nutrient solution for some time and then implanted onto the chin and cheeks. Depending on how many beard hairs have to be transplanted, the duration of the respective treatment will vary. Most facial hair transplants are usually completed within a few hours. Before the surgery starts, the corresponding part of the face is locally anaesthetised.

What to expect after the surgery?

The recovery time after a beard implant is very short, you will be able to resume work 3-5 days after it. Since the procedure is carried out with the FUE method, you will not have any scars after it. Suspend shaving for about 10 days after you’ve undergone beard surgery. You need to make sure that the incisions have healed before you can get back to shaving.

Please remember that it is totally normal if your beard hair falls out 2-3 weeks after the procedure. After that, the new hair will start to grow and you will see the final results that you aimed for 3-4 months later.

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Elithairtransplant is your partner for an affordable beard transplant surgery

Elithairtransplant: your best partner for successful beard transplant surgery in Turkey

If there are any language barriers, you can still opt for a beard transplant in Turkey with us without any worries. Our all-inclusive treatment packages of Elithairtransplant include English-speaking support from the get-go. We arrange the dates for the procedure with the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi. If needed, we will provide you with an interpreter for you to fully understand all medical information that will be given.

By choosing Elithairtransplant, you will have a partner that completely manages your beard implant experience in Turkey. Our services range from a free and non-binding consultation including personal cost estimate to post-operative care after the procedure. The price includes accommodation in a hotel, the transfer between accommodation and clinic, as well as all costs of the surgery with the corresponding pre- and post-operative examinations. Only the flights to and from Istanbul are not included in our offer packages.

Do you have any further questions ? Then simply reach out to our friendly advisor team through the free hair analysis module below. So Don’t hesitate if you want to benefit from Dr Balwi and Elithairtransplant’s expertise for a successful and affordable hair transplant in Turkey ! So don’t hesitate if you want to benefit from Dr. Balwi and Elithairtransplant’s expertise for a successful and affordable hair transplant in Turkey!


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