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The choi-pin used for the DHI hair transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI hair transplant allows the grafts to be inserted in a single step, without opening the channel beforehand. This optimises the survival of the grafts, reduces the healing period and ensures that the direction of hair growth is perfectly controlled.

Elithair employs the largest DHI team in the world. By choosing us, you can be sure that your new hair will receive the 100% expert attention that it deserves.

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The essentials in a nutshell:

Special feature:

World’s largest DHI team

Max. number of grafts per session:

5500 – 6000

Max. density:

130 grafts / cm2

Duration of the procedure:

4 – 9 Hours

Post-operative phase:

7 Days

Suitable for:

Medium and thick hair structures


Individual cost based on your hair loss concern

What is a DHI hair transplant?

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation.

Direct, because with a non-DHI hair transplant, the hair transplant surgeon must first manually open channels in your scalp before implanting hair follicles. For DHI hair transplants, on the other hand, a pen-like tool is used that can do both at the same time.

This special device is called a CHOI pen. The hair follicles are inserted individually into this pen. Then, using a pressing movement, the grafts are implanted into the bald areas.

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A DHI hair transplant in detail

This is how a DHI hair transplant with Elithair in Turkey is performed:

  1. Extracting the hair grafts

    The hair roots (grafts) are removed from the donor area using the FUE hair transplant technique FUE hair transplant. Therefore, the hairs are loosened with a micromotor tool and individually extracted.

  2. Inserting the hair grafts into the CHOI pen

    The harvested grafts are then individually inserted into the CHOI pen, (which is used exclusively for DHI hair transplant).

  3. Inserting the hairs into the scalp

    Once the graft is inserted into the CHOI implant tool, it is transplanted by pressure into the recipient area. Thus, the direction and depth of each root it implants is precise.

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Each step of the DHI hair transplant

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The advantages of the DHI technique

In addition to avoiding a separate channel opening, the advantages include:

  • Optimal hair regrowth rate
  • Maximum hair density
  • Preserved blood vessels in the scalp
  • Less crusting
  • Less redness
  • Partial shaving of the donor area possible
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A man with a shave head and an explanation of the DHI hair transplant on the frontal area
A video of the DHI hair transplant procedure
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Video: DHI Hair Transplant explained

What makes this technique so unique?

The main feature of the DHI method is the CHOI pen. Developed at Kyungpook University in Korea, this simple-looking tool makes a huge difference.

As the name suggests, it looks like a pen – except that instead of a tube of ink there is a hollow, bevelled needle. When the tip of the needle is pressed into the scalp, the opening becomes V-shaped. Then when the CHOI Implanter is removed, the skin immediately covers the opening.

No separate channel opening is required. While with other treatment options, such as the sapphire method or the percutaneous technique, the opening of the channel must be planned as an additional intermediate step, this is completely omitted with the DHI hair transplant. With the DHI technique, the canals are opened in a V-shape instead of a U-shape, which allows for an even faster healing.

Thanks to this mechanism, bleeding is reduced, the healing phase is accelerated and the graft survival rate is improved.

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Maximum density perfect growth direction

The CHOI implant pen is extremely easy to handle. Moreover, inserting the grafts individually and in one movement allows for very fine control of their placement. All this makes it possible to insert the hair grafts at angles of between 5° and 15°, which is not otherwise possible. It is also what allows a density of hair exceeding all those reached with the previous techniques.

Choosing DHI for your hair transplant is to take another step towards a perfectly natural result.

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A happy man after having a DHI hair transplant at Elithair
The hollow blade of the choi pen used for the DHI transplant

Are the any downsides to a DHI hair transplant?

A DHI hair transplant can only be performed successfully by absolute specialists. Fortunately, Dr Balwi and his team are among them. They perform DHI with expertise and dexterity.

The DHI procedure is good because it is faster than other hair transplant methods such as the Sapphire or Percutaneous techniques. It’s faster because it opens the channels and implants the hairs simultaneously. That’s what makes this technique so unique.

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You can get a free hair analysis in under 3 minutes with our online assistant

Our team of experts analyse your hair to provide you with a no-obligation quote. Use our free online assistant to submit your requirements – it only takes a few minutes.

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When is the DHI method suitable?

Many patients wonder if the DHI hair transplant technique is right for them. It should be said that it always depends on the individual hair loss concern.

Graphic of a receding hairline

Receding hairline

Graphic of thinning hair

Thinning hair

Hair loss in the crown area

Balding crown

Hair loss across the top of the head

Hereditary hair loss

Two happy men after a DHI hair transplant

Our patient’s experience

We regularly receive numerous positive DHI hair transplant experiences from our patients. We look forward to every feedback and we are always driven by it – because the goal is to give everyone with hair loss a new attitude towards life.

We are very proud of our extensive knowledge of the DHI hair implantation method. Also, we are proud to be able to help with first-class service and state-of-the-art technology.

Patients repeatedly emphasise how well they were advised and that they would have the treatment carried out again at Elithair. We are therefore very proud of our recommendation rate of 99% and the many meaningful reviews on independent portals.

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How much does a DHI hair transplant cost?

DHI hair transplant prices are based on your hair loss issue. The total amount depends on the number of grafts required for your treatment.

Compared to the UK, there are costs for a DHI hair transplant in Turkey that are more patient-friendly – and that with even higher quality than in this country.

The reason for this is the low cost of living in the country on the Bosporus and the associated lower personnel costs.

Let us advise you on the best treatment and then receive your own personal non-binding price quotation for the DHI hair transplant treatment.

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Dr Balwi analysing information on a tablet
A close up of a mans head a few weeks after a DHI hair transplant

Is a DHI hair transplant without shaving possible?

It is rare to be able to undergo a DHI hair transplant without having to shave. This is only possible in the following two cases:

  • Very small area(s) to be treated
  • Correction of the frontal line

If the whole head or larger areas (above 1000 follicular units) are to be transplanted, DHI without shaving is not an option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DHI Hair Transplant permanent?

Yes, the DHI hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair loss issues. The transplanted hairs are resistant against DHI and therefore they will not fall out like the hairs before them.

What is the difference between FUE and DHI hair transplant?

FUE is the technique used to extract the hair grafts from the back of your head. Whereas a DHI hair transplant is one of the techniques used to implant the hairs.