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The DHI hair transplant in Turkey

A one-step FUE technique

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The DHI (Direct Hair Implant) hair surgery is an innovative technique that allows us to achieve the most natural results. It is one of the latest developments in the field of hair implants. This page will give you detailed information about this sophisticated method. But what makes the DHI so different from the usual hair loss treatments? Why choose Turkey to undergo hair surgery there? And what is Dr. Balwi’s special SDHI technique?

What is a DHI hair transplant ?

In the DHI method, the procedure slightly differs from the traditional FUE transplant technique. As usual, the grafts (or hair follicles) are removed from the donor area and then stored in a special nutrient solution. The innovation lies in the use of the Choi Implanter Pen, the tool that allows for direct transplantation of the grafts without having to create channel incisions in the donor area first. The site creation and the graft insertion are carried out simultaneously in DHI.

Although this procedure is more time-consuming and thus allows to transplant only a certain number of grafts, it brings the most natural-looking results. To check whether a DHI hair transplant is the best option in your case, we offer a free hair diagnostic. Our consultant will evaluate the condition of your hair and scalp, as well as estimate how many grafts should be transplanted. Please bear in mind, that we do not recommend undergoing a hair surgery to those younger than 25, as the hair loss pattern may not be established at this age yet.

A controlled hair growth direction thanks to the DHI hair transplant

The DHI method makes it possible to precisely take into account the growth direction of the implanted hair, thus creating the most natural look. Alongside, the Choi pen’s fine needles create minimal channel openings for hair implants, which allows for a maximum density.

Moreover, the use of the Choi pen greatly reduces the risk of scarring and ensures faster wound healing. Hence, you will be able to get back to your social life with your new appearance much sooner.

we use the Choi hair implanter in order to perform our DHI hair transplant
How Does the DHI hair transplant technique work - New method (2019)

FUE vs DHI: which hair transplant method is better?

In essence, the two methods are similar. In FUE, after extracting the grafts, the surgeon creates “holes” over the balding area first and then inserts the follicular units in them. The channel openings are performed in U-shapes and are usually bigger than the size of the grafts.

In DHI, however, there is no need to create the sites beforehand. A follicular unit is placed in the Choi Pen and then implanted directly. Thus, the grafts are kept outside of the body for a shorter time. Besides, the size of the new channels matches the size of the grafts, allowing for a higher hair density.

Advantages of the DHI hair transplant method

  • Less redness on the skin
  • Fast healing process
  • Also applicable for the beard and eyebrows
  • High naturalisation rate of the implanted grafts
  • Low crust formation

Advantages of the Sapphire Technique:

  • Short recovery phase
  • High naturalisation rate of the grafts
  • Use of extra-precise sapphire blade
  • V-shaped opening of the channels for an even higher hair density
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The advantages of the DHI method
Discover the SDHI technique, a breaktrough in hair implants.

The SDHI Method – Dr. Balwi’s new and innovative hair loss treatment!

The SDHI method was developed exclusively by our head surgeon Dr. Balwi and is practised only at Elithairtransplant clinic in Istanbul. Dr. Balwi had contemplated combining the Sapphire technique with DHI, and that is how the SDHI hair implant was created. Thanks to this breakthrough even better and more natural-looking results can be achieved.

But how does this enhanced treatment work and what benefits does it offer?

The benefits of different hair implants in detail

Due to his longstanding experience with hair transplants, Dr. Balwi decided to work out and improve the disadvantages of the conventional DHI method. The drawback of DHI is that the grafts cannot be implanted as densely as with the Sapphire method. In light of those observations, Dr. Balwi managed to combine both techniques and the revolutionary SDHI technique.

Many people suffering from alopecia ask themselves whether they should opt for DHI or FUE. It should be noted that both hair implants have their strong sides. However, SDHI successfully integrates the benefits of both.

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The SDHI technique in details

First of all, there are no changes as to how the “classic” DHI hair transplant and the Sapphire technique are implemented. In SDHI, the channel incisions of the first three rows of the hairline (about 700 grafts) are created with the Sapphire technique. This makes the hairline look denser and more natural.

After the first three rows are finished (about 0.5cm to 1cm), the surgery continues with the DHI method. The grafts extracted with the Sapphire method are then transplanted in the donor area immediately after their removal. Thus, the hair follicles are separated from their natural nutrient supply only for a brief moment. This helps to increase the naturalisation rate of the implanted grafts.

Please note that Dr. Balwi’s SDHI method is performed exclusively in our Elithairtransplant hair loss clinic based in Istanbul. Contact us if you want to learn more information about our services. Our English speaking consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

SDHI hair transplant without shaving – Is this possible?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our patients is whether it is possible to avoid shaving the hair in the donor area. Since it is still the DHI method, this is only possible if the patient wishes to fill their receding hairline with more hair. If the entire area needs to be treated, then, unfortunately, it is necessary to have the hair shaved. At any rate, the hair in the donor area will grow naturally and fuller after a short time.

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What are the prices for a DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul?

Dr Balwi’s new SDHI method is a world novelty, which is exclusively offered by Elithairtransplant clinic. Although this method is more difficult to practise and involves more effort, compared to other hair implants, the costs of SDHI in Istanbul are very fair and affordable. A complete baldness treatment package in Turkey is three times less expensive than its UK counterpart. This is an unbeatable value for money for such unique treatment that is not used in any other clinic in the world.

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Elithairtransplant establishes new standards of hair transplantation

We at Elithairtransplant always strive to make the hair surgery experience as comfortable and effective as possible. The combination of two innovative hair implant techniques allows us to guarantee a successful hair restoration. Do you have any more questions ? Do not hesitate to contact our helpful team that will answer all your queries. Furthermore, they can offer you a free hair analysis and consultation. Use this chance to regain your self-confidence and zest for life by benefiting from Dr. Balwi and Elithairtransplant’s expertise for a successful and affordable hair transplant in Turkey!