DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

The best DHI hair transplant surgery in Turkey !

The DHI hair transplant is the best technique to achieve the most natural and successful results. Especially because it is the most recent capillary surgery procedure. This page will give you detailed information about this state of the art hair implants technique. But why is this method is so different from the usual hair loss treatments ? Why choose to travel to Turkey to perform your surgery ? And what is Dr. Balwi’s special SDHI technique ?

What is the direct hair implantation surgery ?

In the DHI method, the process is different from the other hair implants surgery techniques. The grafts are removed as usual from the donor area and then enriched in a special nutrient solution. The innovation comes from the use of a Choi Implanter Pen, thanks this tool the grafts are transplanted directly. Thus allowing site creation and graft implantation to be performed simultaneously.

Hence why the DHI is also called the Choi method, with it the need of creating channel incisions in the donor area are now a thing of the past. On the other hand this process is much more time-consuming and only possible up to a certain number of grafts. For this reason we always offer our customers a free capillary diagnostic. There our advisor will clarify you on how many grafts are advisable for your personal hair transplantation.

Choi pens are used in the dhi hair transplant

Direct implantation

less scarring thanks to the hair implants done with the DHI method

Less scarring

no channel openings with the dhi method

No channel openings

the dhi surgery allows for fast recovery

Directly presentable

A controlled hair growth direction thanks to the DHI hair transplant

The DHI method makes it possible to very precisely control the growth direction of the implanted hair. As mentioned above, the Choi pen’s fine needles allows minimal openings in order to implant the grafts. Offering a maximum density in order to achieve a flawless natural results.

In addition, the use of the Choi pen greatly reduces the risks of scarring, ensuring faster recovery time. Thereupon offering a faster recovery rate that lets you quickly get back to your daily routine.

DHI method

The hair transplants performed with the DHI method achieve the most natural and successful results. It is the most recent hair transplantation procedure. Thanks to this technique, we can achieve a very high hair density, control the hair growth direction, very fast healing wound and an impressive natural end results.

Providing the DHI method requires a highly skilled and successful team, as this procedure requires the upmost level of precision.


Usually, the process is the same for a FUE hair transplant. The grafts are taken from the donor area, and the channels for the grafts are opened at the receiving area.

This process is usually completed in 3 procedures. In this way, the hair follicles are separated from the nutrient supply of the body for only a few hours. Unlike the direct hair implantation, the channel openings are performed in U shapes thus generating “bigger” holes in the scalp.

The SDHI Method – Dr. Balwi’s new and innovative hair loss treatment !

The SDHI method was developed exclusively by our head surgeon Dr. Balwi. The specialist have considered whether it would be possible to combine the Sapphire technique with the DHI hair transplant. Thanks to this breakthrough, better and -above all- perfect natural looking results are achieved when transplanting hair.

But how does this novel treatment work and what benefits does it offer ?

A revolutionary idea in the field of hair implants

This breakthrough came as a result of Dr. Balwi’s many years of treatments with DHI hair transplants. This large experience in the field allowed our head surgeon to isolate some of its disadvantages that he personally wanted to improve. The main issue with the DHI technique, is that the grafts in the hairline cannot be set as densely as with the Sapphire method. In light of those observations, Dr. Balwi managed to combine both techniques thus creating the revolutionary SDHI hair implants surgery.

Accordingly, many people suffering from alopecia ask themselves whether they should choose the DHI or FUE as the preferred surgery method. It should be noted that both techniques have their own merits. Especially when the FUE hair transplant is combined with the Sapphire method.

Advantages of the DHI hair transplant method :

  • Less redness on the skin

  • Fast healing process

  • Also applicable for whiskers and eyebrows

  • High growth rate of the grafts

  • Low crust formation

Benefits of the Sapphire Technique :

  • Fast healing phase

  • High growth rate of the grafts

  • Use of high quality saffron blade

  • V-shaped opening of the channels for a even higher hair density

Sequencing Dr. Balwi’s innovative SDHI method in details

Enjoy the best DHI hair transplant experience with ElithairtransplantFirst of all, there are no changes in the application of the “classical” Direct Hair Implantation or the Sapphire techniques. In the SDHI, the micro channels of the first three rows of the hairline (about 700 grafts) are opened with the sapphire technique.

After the first three row (about 0.5cm to 1cm), the hair transplant surgery continues with the DHI method. The grafts extracted with the Sapphire method are then transplanted in the donor area immediately after removal. Thus, the hair follicles are only separated from their natural nutrient supply for a brief moment. Please note that Dr. Balwi’s revolutionary SDHI method is performed exclusively in our hair loss clinic based in Istanbul. Contact us if you want more information, our english speaking advisors will gladly answer all your questions.

SDHI hair transplant without shaving – Is this possible ?

One of the question asked by many of our patients is whether it is feasible to avoid shaving the hair in the donor area ? Since it is still based on the DHI method, avoiding a shave can only happen if you just want to fill up your receding hairline. If more grafts needs to be processed, it is unfortunately not possible without shaving the hair.
At any rate, the hair in the donor area will grow naturally again after a short time.

What are the prices for a DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul ?

Dr Balwi’s new SDHI method is an exclusive world novelty, which is only proposed by our hair loss clinic. Given that the question of the cost of such a procedure naturally arises for many. Evidently this method requires more skills than the other hair transplant techniques. Fortunately our prices for a SDHI hair transplant in Istanbul are very affordable and customer-oriented.

A complete package for a baldness treatment in Turkey with Elithairtransplant starts at just 1.700 €. This is an unbeatable value for money, for a unique treatment that is not used in any other clinic worldwide.

Thanks to Dr. Balwi’s expertise, Elithairtransplant lays the ground for the future of hair implants

At Elithairtransplant, we always strive to make the hair surgery experience as comfortable as possible for our patients. The innovative combination of both treatment techniques allows us to always guarantee dense and full hair restoration.

Do you have more questions ? Then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team that will answer all your queries. Furthermore they can also propose a free and non binding hair analysis. So don’t hesitate if you want to benefit from Dr. Balwi and Elithairtransplant’s expertise for a successful and affordable hair transplant in Turkey !


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