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Discover how to prevent baldness!

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Discover how to prevent baldness!

You notice each morning while combing to leave a lot of hair on the comb and to make your hair visible visibly. You know that your parents had a problem with falling hair and you are already in a panic that the same thing will happen to you.

Baldness can be and is a hereditary problem, but it is not just a hereditary factor in question. There are many other factors that affect hair loss and baldness, hormones, stress, and inadequate care and care for your hair. So let's see what are the ways of treatment and anti-baldness medications and whether there is some alternative that you can easily save at home.

Anti-baldness treatments

One of the first treatments you will hear if you are looking for a bald treatment medicine is Minoxidil. You may have had the opportunity to hear about this medication so far, maybe not, but Minoxidil is considered one of the best anti-bald remedies.

Minoxidil can be used by both men and women and is produced in concentrations of 2% and 5%.  Minoxidil – first known as Rogaine – fights against alopecia in both men and women. It’s not yet clear how Minoxidil works since it was first a cardiovascular remedy, and with many experts, there is a disagreement about how this anti-bald treatment works.

It is up to you to use it properly – twice a day, massaging deep into the skin of the head as a hair loss lotion – and in this way, the new hair loss is slowed down. It also affects new hair growth, although experts do not agree on how much.

Finasteride or Propecia ?

Another currently approved hair loss remedy is Finasteride or Propecia but is effective only for hair loss in men. Why? Keeps male hormone testosterone from forming DHT by-products. DHT shortens the hair growth phase.

It is possible to take either one or the other or both anti-bald remedies. What’s important to know is that once you stop treatment with these drugs, hair loss continues – and all gains will soon be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to use the medicine strictly following the instructions. You can not interrupt and change the therapy yourself.

One way to fight baldness is hair follicle transplantation on the side of the head and on the top of the head, and for years it has been used more and more as a way to treat baldness.

Now you are surely wondering how good it is to do hair transplantation? It depends. Depending on how well a person’s hair is available for transplantation depends, on the other hand, on the expectation of a transferee. The best candidate for this hair treatment is a person who has a problem for many years, and over time, the condition has stabilized and no longer loses so fast hair.

A person must have realistic expectations about what can be done and what results he will get at the end. Although most people looking for hair transplants are men, but women are also ideal candidates.

Treatment of baldness by natural means

We have selected for you and a few natural and herbal remedies that will treat your baldness without any side effects and be a very good medicine for baldness. Any treatment you choose will benefit you.

Natural hair loss shampoos

Natural shampoos against hair loss are sulfate free, parabens and silicone shampoos.  The power of these shampoos is reflected in a large percentage of natural ingredients, which influence the strengthening of the root of the hair and at the same time stimulate its growth

Some of the ingredients that these natural shampoos should contain are lavender, chamomile, which very nicely nourishes your hair, wood shea, which makes your hair more elastic, and ultimately nettle, widely known to nourish and strengthen the root of the hair. By simply applying these shampoos, you will affect the new hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

Olive oil

Olive oil has always been considered a great drug for almost all hair problems. It increases hair growth at the spot where baldness occurs. So let’s see how to use olive oil as a medicine against baldness:

  • Ingredients: Olive oil – enough to apply to your hair Cinnamon – 1 teaspoon Honey – 1 to 3 teaspoons Mild shampoo, sulfate free
  • Procedure: Use warm olive oil, then add honey and cinnamon. Mix well and apply on your hair. Let it stand on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with a mild shampoo and water. Use this treatment 2 to 3 times a week.

Castor oil

Castor oil helps with the growth of your hair. Contains minerals, vitamin E, proteins, antibacterial, antifungal properties that help to clear all skin infections. It improves blood circulation in the hair follicles and nourishes the root of the hair. Makes the hair stronger, without any breaks.

Use unrefined castor oil to get more nutrients and medicinal properties. Castor oil must be mixed with lighter oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Method 1

Ricinus Oil Cap and Shampoo : Heat the castor oil for a few minutes and apply on the hair. Massage your head for a few minutes to stimulate hair growth. Allow it to stand overnight – it’s best to put a shower cap on your head. Wash your hair with shampoo in the morning.

Method 2

Castor oil with almond oil. Castor oil when mixed with almond oil creates a smooth and fragrant oil that is easily applied throughout the hair. Bardem’s oil has vitamin E, which strengthens hair and hair follicles. Ingredients: Castor Oil Almond Oil Bath Shower Bath Balm

Procedure: Mix a small amount of castor oil and almond oil. Apply along whole hair. Massage your head and cover your hair with a shower cap and let it stand for 2 to 3 hours. Wash hair with shampoo. Regular use of castor oil produces effective results.


Hair loss is caused by clogging of the hair follicle, which can be due to: hormonal changes, genetic factors or any hereditary factors (especially when talking about baldness in men), stress, or exposure to the sun, due to imbalanced diet, cancer chemotherapy, head skin infections , fast weight loss, pills for contraception or pregnancy.

A few other symptoms that accompany baldness are rapid hair loss, stress, incomplete hair loss, rapid weight loss, hair thinning on the halves, improper blood circulation in the skin, and the like.

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