Well-groomed hair is not just an indispensable attribute of beauty. A shiny, thick female or male head of hair shows the health of the organism to others. Of course, to maintain an attractive appearance requires regular hair care at home. In a modern metropolis, this is especially necessary: not always favorable ecology, stress, fatigue, chronic lack of sleep and fatigue cause deterioration in their growth and loss, dandruff may appear. To strengthen hair, vitamins, masks, various folk remedies are used. In complex cases, consultation of a trichologist, a specialist in the treatment of hair and scalp diseases is required.


The structure of the hair
Basically, it consists of protein. In the depths of the skin, there is a follicle – a sac in which a hair bulb is located. The shape of the follicle determines whether the hair will grow straight or curly. Inside, in the center, there are cornified cells. The strength and strength of hair are determined by the so-called cortical layer.
It contains the pigment melanin. The natural color of the head of hearing depends on hereditary factors or is the result of a change in the hormonal background of the body. The outer layer is called the cuticle. These are thin scales covering the cortical layer like shingles. If the scales are dense and even, the scalp is smooth and shiny. If the cuticle has physical or chemical injuries, the scales cling to each other, causing the hair to tangle, fade, become brittle and therefore requires the use of an appropriate care product. Protection of the outer layer is provided by the sebaceous glands.

They secrete the secret to the inside of the follicle. As a result, the cuticle is covered with lubricant, the hair becomes shiny and elastic. The greasy film is washed off during washing but is soon restored. It is not required to change home hair care products, if the hair remains shiny and does not break for 3-4 consecutive days, does not become greasy and dirty. If sebum is produced excessively much, the hair is made greasy. If, on the contrary, the fat is small, it is dried up. As a rule, if the skin is oily, the head of hair will also be oily, even if it is ineptly caring for the hair, having improperly performed the home cosmetic procedure and draining curls, making it brittle. The increased fat content of the scalp will still be preserved. How much does the hair grow?
On their head, they grow from four to ten years. Within a month grow to different lengths. It depends on various factors – a time of day, season. With modern system, hair trasplant will solve the problem. The fastest growth occurs in the evening. The growth rate in winter and autumn is lower than in spring and summer. One month is the time for which the hair grows to a length of nine to fifteen millimeters. They are constantly updated, each day they drop to 100 units, which is considered the norm.

Oil pepper tincture for hair growth
The recipe for a pepper mask for hair growth is simple. Take high-quality olive oil ( Virgin olive oil, even better Extra-virgin olive oil ), a small red pepper (similar to carrots), a clean bottle of dark glass. Pepper finely chopped, placed in a bottle and poured with oil, infused 2-3 weeks in a dark cool place, but not in the refrigerator. The required amount of oil is determined experimentally and can range from 100 to 250ml. Having pepper in 100ml of oil, it is always possible to reduce the “burning” of the composition to care for the hair, adding just before use the right amount of slightly warm olive oil. The mask for care is applied to the scalp, covered with a film, aged for 1-2 hours if the burning is tolerable. After washed off with shampoo.

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