IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI The "hair fall" has begun: why hair is strongly shed | Hairtransplant Istanbul

Daily hair fall is the norm: the life cycle of each hair ends in a natural process of “withering away.” Therefore, a loss of 50-100 hairs per day is considered the norm. On the contrary, if the hair stopped falling out altogether, then you should be worried.

And this is already a problem, which in the absence of proper attention can result in the loss of the former density and beauty of the hairdresser.

First of all, it is necessary to find the cause of the intense “hair loss”.

Our hair is a kind of indicator of the state of the body, and therefore a sharp reduction in the volume of hair – it’s a bell, signaling that health is not all right.

If you notice that the hair is puffed up in bundles, immediately consult a doctor.

Why does the hair fall out?

Stress . This is one of the most common causes of baldness, a “scourge of modernity”, from which both men and women suffer. Constantly tested tension or a sharp stress situation are equally harmful to health and, of course, negatively affect the density of the hair.

Weak immunity. The reasons for the decline in immunity are many: it is the recently transferred disease, and ecology, and diets. But the result is one: the body is weakened, does not receive enough nutrients, and directs all reserves to restore its viability. Alas, maintaining the beauty of hair is not the first necessity.

Hormonal factor

The reason – the hormonal reconstruction of the body, the excess of the male hormone testosterone, the modification of which, dihydrotestosterone, is responsible for reducing the density of hair.

Incorrect food. Metabolic disorders, deficiency of vitamins and iron in the body lead to intense hair loss. Most diets, which “sin” the fair sex, can cause beriberi, anemia, exhaustion of the body. And as a result, along with the “extra” kilograms will leave and part of the hair, which will be difficult to restore. Doubtful beauty!

Genetic predisposition

Androgenetic factor, which is also called male pattern baldness (unfortunately, women do not pass by too). Determine if the hair is shed for this reason easily. In men, baldness begins with the crown and occiput, gradually forming the so-called “bald monk” with an absolutely naked crown and hair on the temples. At women hair thinning along parting.

External factors. Yes, yes, hair loss is sometimes due to improper care for them.

Consider the most common mistakes that lead to such unpleasant consequences as loss of coiffure density.

So, the cause of hair loss is found and eliminated. But it’s still halfway to the beauty of the hair. Unfortunately, losing is always easier than recovering later. Prepare to ensure that new hair in place of the fallen will not appear overnight.

The best approach to restoring the former beauty and density of the hairstyle is complex. Proper nutrition, regular outdoor walks, and exercise, avoidance of stressful situations, suitable means for care: all these are the right steps in the fight against hair loss.

And in addition to protecting the weakened locks home remedies from the people’s “arsenal” will help.