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Are hair serums really useful ?

Hair serum is a relatively new item on the market that has been rapidly gaining in popularity. Yet, many users do not know what this type of product is about and can easily misuse it. A wide variety of different brands does not make it easy to choose the right one either.

Consult this article if you want to learn more about this well-loved cosmetic fluid. We will cover different types of hair serums, i.e. what they are designed for and how to use them.


  1. What is the point of hair serum ?
  2. Does serum help hair grow ?
  3. Hair serums: contents and usage
  4. How to use a hair serum ?
  5. How to choose a hair serum ?
  6. What is the difference between hair serum and hair oil ?
  7. Conclusion

What is the point of hair serum ?

How is it different from conditioners, sprays or masks? A highly-concentrated formula is what makes this product so special. A hair serum contains a much higher amount of active ingredients than other cosmetic staples. These can deeply penetrate, nourish and protect the scalp and the shafts. Such products can also create an instant visual effect by making your mane glossy and soft.

Serum can be used both for treatment purposes and styling. That, however, does not mean that you can completely replace your conditioner, mask and styling spray with it. Some of them act as a filler: they literally fill up the damaged fibre, seal the cuticle and visually boost the thickness of your strands.

Sunlight, dust, air pollution and styling with high temperatures cause damage to the hair structure and a quality product can reduce their negative impact. Besides, most formulations have a light-reflecting property due to which your mane acquires that pretty shiny look.

Does serum help hair grow ?

hair serums can be very useful for your hair care routineNot all hair serums are designed equally, of course. Those aimed at tackling hair loss, usually have biotin, vitamin D, keratin, zinc or collagen as active ingredients. Such formulations will not restore existing strands, but rather promote the growth of new hair. Therefore, it can take a few months before you will be able to see positive results. But, if your problem is not severe, you can definitely benefit from using the product.

Contents and usage

Its most frequently used components are silicones, oils, vitamins, proteins and herbal extracts, the concentration of which depends on the main purpose of the product. The textures can also be different: creamy, gel-like, liquid (spray), oily or lotion-like. Water-based formulas can be applied over the whole mane and are good for greasy heads, whereas those with natural oils are only recommended for hair ends.

Depending on their properties, hair serums can be of the following types

  • Moisturising: used for dry hair, especially during a cold season;
  • For hair loss: strengthens and nourishes hair follicles to speed up hair growth;
  • Exclusively for split ends: seals and protects the ends from drying out;
  • For damaged hair: enriches the shaft with nutrients that make it stronger and protect from heat, gives your mane a well-groomed and healthy look;

How to use a hair serum ?

The way you use a product will depend on its purpose. It is normally applied on the scalp and the roots; products against splits are meant to work on the ends only. If you apply it on wet hair before blow drying, allow the fluid 2 minutes to act and start protecting your locks before you jump to using any styling tools. You do not need more than a few drops of the product, otherwise your strands may appear greasy.

Rub a small amount of serum between your palms before distributing it over your hair. This trick will warm up the liquid and help it spread more evenly across the entire surface. You can combine the application with scalp massage, as this will facilitate blood circulation and help the nutrients penetrate deeper into the follicles.

If you want to simply maintain the health of your mane, using the product 1-3 times a week will suffice. During a targeted course of treatment, e.g. for hair loss, you can apply it daily or every time after shampooing.

Pros :

  • It is a real time-saver: the product acts immediately and gives an instant cosmetic effect;
  • Its composition can protect your strands from external influences throughout the whole day;
  • The formula makes hair soft, supple and easier to style without weighing it down, as in oils;
  • Its active components can facilitate cell regeneration and oxygen transportation to the scalp;
  • Most serums are leave-in, meaning you do not have to wash them off; besides, you can use them on both wet and dry hair;
  • It is a great post-shampooing routine as it helps to untangle wet strands, and thus reducing the stress from brushing;

How to choose a hair serum ?

choosing the right serum will depend on you hair typeAs mentioned above, serums exist in different formulas. The right one for you will depend on your hair type. The most universal and easy-to-use one is a serum spray, that is suitable for all types. Moreover, spraying will allow the product to evenly cover the hair surface. Opt for the one that contains a good amount of vitamins (like biotin or vitamin D), minerals (selenium, zinc) and natural extracts (e.g. aloe vera, caffeine extract, jojoba).

If the product does not contain any of these and is silicone-based, it will only have a cosmetic effect but will not repair or treat your locks. If they are normally dry and coarse, do not use such serums, as silicones will dry them out even more. Same is relevant to alcohol-based fluids.

Have you tried Dr. Balwi’s hair care products ?

Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients your hair receives the essential nutrients that nourish the roots and hair, and prevent their loss. Our hair care products are concentrated in Biotin. In addition unlike ordinary ones, ours tackle the problem at the root. Because a stronger and vitalised scalp produces more resistant and, of course, more silky hair!

What is the difference between serums and hair oil ?

Serums and oils have a similar texture. It may be difficult to know the difference between them. Depending on the kind of oil, it can be used at different stages of your hair care routine. A lot of them are used as a pre-poo mask.

Meanwhile, serums work better on damp strands after washing. Some oils, like coconut, can, indeed, perform some of the functions of hair serum. For instance, they can be applied to the scalp to promote hair growth. However, such oils are not suitable for all hair types and, in most cases, need to be washed out.

It is not common to apply cosmetic oils on the whole surface of the hair as this will most likely result in limp strands and a greasy look. By contrast, serums are generally good for both the roots and the ends. Some of them can also be used during the day to freshen up your hairstyle.

It is not advisable to use both products together if you want to cover the whole length of your locks. It can also happen that their formulas do not mix well together, thus creating a build-up of chemicals and clogging the pores. If you still want to use both to reap more benefits, leave the oil only for the ends.


To wrap up, hair serums can be a valuable addition to your daily hair care. Different hair types will take advantage of different formulas. That is, light fluids are preferred for thin or greasy strands and oil-based compositions – for damaged and brittle.

Light serums in the form of sprays can be used for all hair types. One of such products has been also developed by Dr Balwi, Elithairtransplant’s head surgeon, who has many years of experience in the field. His hair serum contains biotin and a range of other natural ingredients that ensure the health of follicles and promote the production of new hair. We recommend using Dr Balwi’s entire hair treatment course to tackle your hair loss most effectively.

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