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Europe’s No.1 Clinic for Hair Transplantation

Elithair is the leading hair transplant clinic in Europe. Our experienced team of specialists have helped over 35,000 patients to reach their dream of thick hair.

We use the latest and most innovative techniques that achieve impressive results. What’s more, our hair transplant surgeons ensure natural and dense implantation for thick hair growth. Patient satisfaction is always our top priority, so we maintain high standards in everything we do.

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Man with thick hair after a hair transplant

The essentials in a nutshell:

Suitable for:

Hereditary & diffuse hair loss, receding hairline, high forehead, and to hide scars


Healthy hair in the donor area


FUE, Sapphire, Percutaneous, DHI, SDHI & NEO FUE

Surgery duration:

4 – 9 hours (depending on the treatment)


Individual cost depending on the method and hair loss

Hair transplantation is the only solution to hair loss

Hair loss is a common occurrence that affects anyone at any age. The only long-term solution to this is a hair transplant, which not only achieves a full head of hair but also confidence and a new lease of life.

So is a hair transplant worth it? The innovative techniques that we use are designed to achieve outstanding results with a shorter healing time. Therefore, our patients begin to see the results of their surgery after just a few months. Our 99% referral rate proves that a hair transplant is worth it – especially since our patients want their friends and family to experience the same results.

We strive to help you look at yourself in the mirror with confidence and happiness through our leading technology.

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What are the advantages of
a hair transplant at Elithair?

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Satisfied Patients

99% of our patients are satisfied by the results of their hair transplant in Turkey and would recommend Elithair to their friends and family.

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Specialist Team

Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of hair transplantation.

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English Customer Support

Our English-speaking customer service teams are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about the procedure before, during and after your treatment.

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Perfect Results

We have successfully helped over 35,000 patients regain their confidence and achieve their dream of thick hair.

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Why get a hair transplant?

A hair transplant in Turkey can effectively help people with hair loss in a more targeted manner compared to other treatments. For over 10 years, Elithair has been committed to helping those affected by alopecia. In order to give them a permanent boost in confidence so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.

Over the years, Turkey has developed into one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism – including professional hair treatments.

The reasons why patients have a hair transplant is personal and varied. The reasons usually stem down from self-confidence issues that affect a person’s social life, love life and career. In order to achieve maximum success in these areas, our patients want their confidence restored – and that’s exactly our goal.

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Who is suitable for a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is the only long-term solution for those who are affected by hair loss. Both men and women are suitable for this procedure in order to have thick hair and boost their confidence.

Baldness presents itself differently from person to person. Although men mainly suffer from androgenetic alopecia, women also experience this hair loss. In men, it typically presents itself as a receding hairline, whereas women notice hair thinning in their parting and the crown area.

But is a hair transplant permanent? For both men and women, a hair transplant is an ideal treatment to permanently solve balding issues. It’s a one-time procedure that effectively fills the bald patches or thinning areas with new hair follicles. After having a hair transplant, patients have reported that they have an increased quality of life and a new lease of confidence.

If you are completely bald on your head, then hair from other areas of your body can be used for your hair restoration. Chest hair and leg hair can be used for a hair transplant to achieve thick hair on your bald scalp. However, we do not offer this at Elithair.

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The percentage of men and women who have had a hair transplant with Elithair
Graphic comparing the costs of a hair transplant in Turkey and the UK

How much does hair transplant surgery cost?

The price of a hair transplant is calculated individually based on the number of grafts required. For example, if a patient only wants to have their receding hairline filled in then the cost is naturally lower than if the whole head is to be treated.

Compared to a hair transplant in the UK, the prices in Turkey are far more affordable as living costs are much lower. In fact, a hair transplant in Turkey is 4 times cheaper than it costs in the UK. For example, the cost of 2,000 hair grafts is approximately 1,450 EURO (which costs almost 4,500 Euro for a hair transplant in the UK). The cost of 3,000 grafts is 1,650 EURO in Turkey, which is 3 times cheaper than in the UK. Furthermore, due to the competitive market for hair transplantation in this country on the Bosporus, continued research and development make the quality of hair transplant procedures much higher.

Transparency is important at Elithair, so every patient receives a non-binding, free quotation from us. There are no hidden costs in our quotes – all costs are included. Our all-inclusive package is popular among our patients because it takes care of the whole process. We want you to feel comfortable, therefore this package allows you to relax knowing that we’ve taken care of all the arrangements for you.

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How many grafts do I need?

During the hair transplant procedure, hair follicles (hair grafts) are individually extracted from the donor area. These hair grafts are then individually inserted into the recipient area. The number of hair grafts needed depends on the size of the recipient area (or areas).

So how many grafts are needed for a full head? Approximately 4,000+ grafts are needed to cover a full head with new, thick hair. However if only the crown or receding hairline needs hair, then the number of grafts required is a lot less.

The maximum number of hair grafts we take in one sitting is 6,000. Most patients don’t require this amount of donor hair, however, so we would only take this amount in special cases. Patients sometimes ask us if 2,000 hair grafts is a lot, when you look at the maximum amount you can see that 2,000 is relatively low. 2,000 hair grafts in one sitting are very manageable and therefore it will be a relatively fast procedure.

The number of grafts also depends on whether the donor area has enough grafts to cover the bald patches. Typically donor hairs are taken from the back of the head or the sides as these hairs aren’t affected by the DHT hormone.

With our free hair transplant consultation, we can estimate how many hair grafts you will need for your hair transplant procedure.

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You can get a free hair analysis in under 3 minutes with our online assistant

Our team of experts analyse your hair to provide you with a no-obligation quote. Use our free online assistant to submit your requirements – it only takes a few minutes.

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Our techniques at a glance

With all of our techniques, the graft extraction is always with the FUE method.

The CHOI pen used in the DHI method

DHI Method

  • Most advanced method
  • No prior channel opening needed
  • CHOI pen graft insertion
  • Possible without shaving
  • Improved growth rate of the grafts
  • Maximum hair density

Applicable for:
Medium and thick hair structures, for bald patches and thinning hair

The sapphire blade used in the Sapphire hair transplant

Sapphire Technique

  • Use of high-quality sapphire blades
  • This protects the hair roots
  • Precise channel opening
  • Natural direction of growth
  • Maximum hair density
  • Fast healing process

Applicable for:
Medium and thick hair structures, for bald areas

The percutaneous technique creates v-shaped channels

Percutaneous Technique

  • Channels are opened in a V-shape
  • Hair density improved by 15%
  • 90-120 grafts per sqm
  • Natural direction of growth
  • Precise hair follicle insertion
  • Faster healing time

Applicable for:
Thin hair structures, for bald areas and receding hairlines

How do I know which method is right for me?

Elithair offers a variety of innovative and cutting-edge hair transplant techniques to fulfil your desire for thick hair. Depending on your hair loss concern, we choose the best hair transplant method to achieve optimal results for our patients. To explain further, the DHI and Sapphire techniques are suitable for medium to thick hair types, whereas the Percutaneous method is more suitable for fine hair. The technique also depends on your gender, and which method will give you the best results.

How long does a hair transplant take? Hair transplants can take anywhere from 4-9 hours depending on how large the recipient area is. The treatment happens in one sitting however sometimes you will need 2 sessions to achieve the desired thickness.

During your free initial consultation, our specialists will analyse your hair fall issues and will provide you with a detailed treatment plan. We will also discuss the expected end result, and if you’re happy with everything then we will start making your treatment arrangements.

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Man with a receding hair line

You can get a free hair analysis in under 3 minutes with our online assistant

Our team of experts analyse your hair to provide you with a no-obligation quote. Use our free online assistant to submit your requirements – it only takes a few minutes.

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The exclusive NEO FUE preparation package designed by Dr Balwi

NEO FUE Preparation Set – the best preparation for your hair transplant in Turkey

The NEO FUE preparation that we provide our patients before each treatment ensures that their hairs are in optimal condition prior to treatment. This preparation treatment was invented by Dr Balwi and is exclusive to Elithair patients.

Dr Balwi and our team of hair transplant surgeons found that the external stimulation of the hair follicles increased the strength of the implanted hairs. These hair follicles, with enhanced strength, have an improved growth rate and achieve better results compared to a transplant without using NEO FUE.

This stem cell serum is applied to your hair and scalp, at home, prior to your treatment. We provide you with two bottles of serum and detailed instructions for you to apply the products to your hair yourself. Our extensive studies have shown that this process improves hair transplantation results by up to 30%. Thus, providing you with excellent results.

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SDHI – Exclusively developed by Elithair

The SDHI technique is a special procedure whereby the Sapphire and DHI methods are combined. This combination achieves denser hair growth and a more natural-looking result. The first three rows of the hairline are transplanted using the sapphire technique. Then the rest of the hair transplant is created with the DHI method for overall natural coverage. So if you were wondering if hair transplants look natural, you have nothing to worry about.

We use this method mainly for hair transplants for women because it achieves a more natural result for our female patients. The denser hairline that’s achieved with this method creates a thicker hairline that’s seen in women’s hair more so than men’s.

Combining the two techniques was thought of by Dr Balwi in order to improve the results for our patients. Therefore, SDHI is a specialised method that is performed exclusively at Elithair.

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The SDHI methods combines the Sapphire and DHI techniques
Graph for percentage distribution of the number of sessions required for hair transplantation

How many hair transplant session do I need?

Throughout our many years of experience in the field of hair transplantation, we can say that over half of our patients only require a single treatment. Usually, one treatment is all that’s needed to achieve perfect results. Depending on the extent of the hair loss, some patients may need two or more treatments to achieve their desired results.

The success rate of a hair transplant is much greater than over-the-counter medication, the transplanted hair has an over 85% survival rate. The transplanted grafts typically take 12 months to fully grow, although they start growing within a couple of months after the procedure. At Elithair, we offer a 30-year guarantee on your transplanted grafts – provided that you follow the aftercare instructions that the medical team provided.

Simply use our free online assistant to submit your hair loss concerns – it only takes under 3 minutes. Our specialists will contact you with a non-binding price quotation that details how many grafts you will need to achieve your desired results.

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What is a good age to get a hair transplant?

With our extensive experience and knowledge, we select patients based on their baldness concerns rather than age. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that hair transplant surgery isn’t recommended for younger patients. This is because while we go through puberty our hormones fluctuate which could be the reason for the hair fall. Therefore, it’s best to wait until after puberty (when the hormones have balanced) in order to assess the hair loss properly – or see if your hair has grown back.

In general, it can be said that the average age of patients who come to Elithair for a hair transplant is between 26 and 45. Of course, older or younger patients can come to us for their hair restoration treatment. Furthermore, the hair transplant only takes place if our experienced team is confident that they can achieve excellent results.

The ideal age to get a hair transplant is when your hair falling out begins to visibly worsen. This can happen at different ages, depending on the individual. Generally, 26 is the best age to have a hair transplant because you will be well clear from puberty and your adult facial features would have properly formed. Therefore, the hair transplant results will look natural.

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The average age of patients who have hair transplant surgery
Man preparing for a hair transplant in Turkey

Do hair transplants leave scars?

Many of our patients want to know if our FUE hair transplant eaves scars. The old-fashioned FUT technique was renowned for the large strip surgery scar it left on the back of the head going from ear to ear. Back then, this scar was difficult to avoid due to the specific technique, but the FUE procedure is much more advanced. Hence why we consider Follicular Unit Extraction to be the best hair transplant method.

With the FUE hair transplant technique, the individual hairs are extracted instead of a strip of skin. When the hairs are extracted one by one, they leave very minimal damage to your skin. They only leave a small circular wound where the hair has been removed which heals in the weeks following the procedure.

After these wounds have healed, they can leave small “dot scars” where the hair follicles were extracted from. Therefore the procedure isn’t scarless, but the scars are so small that they are easily hidden by the surrounding hairs. Moreover, the FUE method is considered to be almost scarless because the scars are hardly visible compared to the substantial scarring left after the FUT (follicular unit transplantation) method. This is one of the reasons why we only offer the FUE procedure at the Elithair clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hair transplants fail?

A hair transplant can go wrong if the transplanted grafts aren’t looked after properly. After the procedure, you need to carefully follow the steps outlined by our hair transplant surgeons after your surgery.

Hair transplants can also fail because the patient wasn’t an ideal candidate for the treatment. However, at Elithair we are very careful when analysing whether you’re suitable for hair restoration. If we think that a hair transplant won’t be successful, we won’t offer you the treatment. But if we do think you’re suitable then we will discuss the next steps.

How painful is a hair transplant?

At Elithair we use the Comfort-In technique to administer a local anaesthetic that makes the procedure a lot more comfortable. No surgery can be completely painless, but it’s always kept to the very minimum during our treatments. Our patients often report that they didn’t feel any pain and only felt slight pressure applied to their head.

Do you have to go bald for a hair transplant?

A hair transplant can be performed without shaving your head, so if that’s the main thing that’s stopping you, you don’t need to worry. In most instances, the patient’s head doesn’t need to be completely bald – just the donor area.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be completely bald in order to get a hair transplant. You can have a receding hairline, balding at the crown or thinning hair and still benefit from a hair transplant.