does hair grows old

Did you know that hair also grows old ?

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Yes, you can bet. Hair aging is directly linked to our biological age, however hormonal changes or external factors such as smoking, alcoholism, and nutritional deficiencies can accelerate this aging process.

Does hair ages too?

Around the age of 30 there is a decrease in metabolism, causing thinning of the hair fiber and a slowing down of hair growth rate. This is manifested as a reduction in capillary density (number of threads per unit area).

In women, the hair is thinned, while in men it happens the total loss of the hair. This happens when two proteins responsible for the strength and sealing of the threads, elastin, and collagen, are produced at a slower rate.

In menopause, the quality of capillary keratin, a fibrous protein responsive to elasticity, is directly affected by the body’s decreased production of hormones. The consequence is harsh, porous and dull wires.

When levels of the female hormone estrogen decrease at menopause, the quality of keratin is compromised and the hair becomes more fragile.

Are damaged hair linked to the aging process ?

The damaged hair especially shows changes of the hair shaft, i.e., split ends, broken wires, brightness loss and higher opacity of the wires due to external damage (such as excessive handling with brushes or chemical treatments).

Already the aged hair show changes throughout the yarn structure, which becomes thinner, less dense, to a lesser extent and with the gradual whitening. This aging process occurs as much by intrinsic factors as biochemical and hormonal as by external factors.

What are the consequences hair growing old over the years?

  • The production of melanin decreases: by the age of 30, melanocytes (producers of melanin, the substance that gives color to the threads), begin to work more slowly. In this case, to solve the problem of gray hair, just dying. To minimize damage, use dyes with formulas free of heavy metals and toxic like lead.
  • The hair change texture: over time the hair becomes porous, with frizz and brittle, because there are less water, proteins, and lipids. To lose part of the lost keratin, salon treatments like cauterization and keratinization.
  • There is an imbalance: the activity of the sebaceous glands on the scalp decreases and it becomes less elastic, drier and brittle. Alternating the washes is a good way to preserve the natural defense of leather.
  • Loss of density and volume: the capillary bulb begins to be less irritated, because the microcirculation is impaired and, therefore, the wire is born increasingly thinner.

How to maintain the vitality of the hair?

There are some tips to increase the longevity of the hair, among them we can mention:

  • Avoid chemical procedures, flat iron, and dryer.
  • It does not matter if your hair is long or short – layering is what most rejuvenates. But remember to keep your hairstyle up to date, too.
  • Over time, there is a natural fading. So it is a good idea to use toners periodically, in their natural tone, to bring liveliness and shine to the hair
  • Dry hair has the power to add a good few years to the look. So invest in masks for home use once a week.

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