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Perkutan Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant

We proudly present our newest development,
the percutaneous sapphire technique!

Sapphire fue hair transplant

Sapphire FUE Perkutan Technique – The latest development for sapphire hair transplant

Dr. Balwi and the medical team of Elithairtransplant are always on further education. Most recently, they have been at medical congresses in Malaysia and Kuwait – and they would have flown even further when there are new innovations somewhere on the globe that will improve hair transplants.

Finally, this rule is important regarding hair transplants: Who oversleeps, has bad luck. Successful hair transplantation always depends on the latest technical innovations and the latest methods. Much has already been done and benefited the patients. Virtually painless anesthesia through the comfortin system has now taken away one of the biggest concerns of customers, the obsolete FUT method has been replaced by the more effective FUE method and currently many patients hope for a quick cure through the DHI method.

Sapphire fue hair transplant

Always up to date

Now a new innovation joins the Elithairtransplant success story – in the context of sapphire hair transplant, which is considered the most advanced method in the world, we have succeeded in renewing and improving the already successful percutaneous technique. The wheel does not always have to be reinvented. While the FUE method has prevailed among many physicians because of their amazing success rate since 2003, expert teams are always keen to continue to mature methods such as the sapphire hair transplant.

The sapphire hair transplant with the percutaneous technique as part of the FUE method

The removal of the hair root is carried out further in the same procedure. Using hollow needles with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm and a finely adjustable micromotor, the donor hairs are removed individually and carefully. This is the so-called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Here, Dr. Balwi uses golden FUE hollow needles, instead of the traditional hollow needles made of titanium.

Sapphire hair transplant

The benefits at a glance with FUE Gold hair removal

  • fast healing phase compared to normal FUE technique with titanium hollow needle
  • very sharp hollow needles because of single use
  • minimal scarring on the donor surface
  • hygienic reasons
  • Growth rate of grafts as they are not damaged

The hair transplant is basically done in three steps: starting with the hair removal, over to open the
channels and finally the insertion of the new hair.

What makes the sapphire hair transplant with the percutaneous method so special?

As the name suggests, the new method does not use steel but sapphire blades. That means you’ll have lower scab formation, which also accelerates the healing process at the same time. In conventional FUE operations, steel blades are used to open the channels. The channels are hereby opened in a U-shape. The situation is different with sapphire hair transplantation with percutaneously – after all, the canals are opened in a V shape. The U-shaped opening creates larger channels that cause more bleeding and less hair density. The sapphire leaves in combination with the percutaneous method allow the channels to open as best as possible.

What is the newest percutaneous sapphire hair transplant

The new sapphire hair transplant with percutan promises more than just a better and faster healing process. The sapphire blades allow for the channel opening a significantly higher density of hair and a targeted, natural-looking growth direction.

This is possible because the points ofincision left by the sapphire blades fit perfectly with the grafts used. Thus, the hair can be transplanted at the desired angle of 40-45 degrees.

The sapphire needles are available in different sizes (from 0.8 to 1.5 mm). Dr. Balwi and his team specialize in sapphire hair transplantation with percutaneously and, based on the structure of the hair, choose the right needle size to open the channels.
The hard and smooth nature of sapphire blades also significantly reduces the risk of infection. Also, the typical leakage of body fluid in the donor area is minimized in this way. The already named incision, which are ideal for inserting the hair, makes it almost impossible for the transplanted grafts to disengage shortly after surgery or for the direction of growth to change. A new innovation reaches the field of modern hair transplant. The Perkutan Sapphire Hair Transplant is the proud product of years of experience and research that takes the experience of hair transplantation to a new level. To learn more about the sapphire-percutaneous technique, contact the Elithairtransplant team or visit them at one of your contact points.

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