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Hair Loss
seasonal hair loss
Seasonal Hair Loss or Disease?
Many of the hair loss implications on hormonal disorders or the medications they take. Hair loss in women can be instantaneous and linked to changing seasons, but no more serious diagnosis can be ignored.
Increased hair loss, which is called telogenic effluvium, may be a sign of some other illnesses, such as thyroid disease, allergies, vitiligo, fungal infections, diabetes, tumors, and autoimmune diseases. The cause of hair loss may be a shortage of vitamins and minerals, in particular, zinc, copper, and iron, or the use of certain drugs, for example, cytostatics, chemotherapeutics, antidepressants, medicines for lowering fat in the blood or reducing acidity in the stomach.
Androgenic alopecia is associated with male hormone testosterone and is the most common cause of hair loss. In men it is sometimes seen in the puberty of deepening pimples, then the hair becomes scarce and on the thigh, while the woman maintains the outer hair growth line in the forehead of the scalp, and stands and sits on the toe.
Because of the sudden drop in the level of the female hormone estrogen in the blood, women are exposed to temporary or long-term hair loss in menopause, at the time of delivery, or after discontinuation of oral contraceptives. Hair loss can also trigger more stress, such as illness, trauma, loss of work or death in the family.
Similarly, a low-quality diet with reduced intake of protein and minerals can also function. Drastic reduction children with fast weight loss, like anorexia and bulimia, are often accompanied by increased hair loss.<
Even though it sounds unusual, hair loss in women can also be caused by the mode: heavy extensions, ponytail, permanent brushing, whining, and wearing firm hairstyles are common causes of hair loss and very young women. Hair lashing at a different intensity affects most men, but also about 50 percent of women, with different ways or ways of losing hair as well as various causes. Normally, it is considered a drop of up to 100 authorities per day, and more could be an alarm for alarm.

Whether it's physical or mental, it can lead to hair loss. Under physical stress we mean surgery, physical injury, illness and even excessive holding of some bad rigorous diets, excessive exercise, and sudden weight loss. All this causes sudden physical changes in the body and this is seen on your hair.

This will not cause your hair to fall off suddenly and you may not even notice that you have exceeded the limit of 50-100 coats a day. In time, you will notice that your hair is there everywhere, a little – you're taking a little out of the shirt or you're sucking a whole bunch of wigs that could be made.

In many cases, it is possible to prevent hair loss, either by acting on its quality by some treatments from the outside, or by influencing the problem from inside. Apart from styling hair, most of the reasons why hair drops are within us and in our lifestyle habits or the conditions in which we live. Some can be avoided, some do not.