IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI How to strengthen hair and stop their loss? - Hair Transplant Turkey

Thick and healthy hair can become a real adornment of the exterior, whereas the opposite situation – dull and lifeless strands can ruin even the most thoughtful image. In addition, hair is a kind of indicator of the state of the body, and their active loss is a serious reason to think about health.

To diagnose excessive fallout is very simple – do not wash your head for 2-3 days with your hands on your hair, lightly sipping curls, put your fallen hair on a sheet of paper. Repeat two more times on different parts of the head. Calculate the number of fallen hair. If it exceeds 15 pieces, hair loss exceeds the norm.

Externally, the disease can be manifested in the form of a uniform decrease in the volume of the hairdresser with the uniform loss, as well as in the focal alopecia of some zones, for example, temples or crown, up to complete loss of hair.

Causes of hair loss

Stress. Every day we have to be nervous: problems at work, quarrels with relatives, defense of diploma, issue of the project. Emotions overwhelm the soul, cause the knees to shake, the voice to tremble, and the hair to fall out. Unfortunately, nerve cells not only do not recover but also destroy other organs. Curls become dull, weak, brittle, and on the comb every morning we see a depressing hair mat.

Diseases.  Intensive hair loss also causes various infectious diseases and inflammations. You probably noticed that with a cold and cold, the curls look lifeless. But the worst thing in the state of hair is the metabolic disturbance. Hair follicles also begin to absorb vitamins and minerals worse, which leads to the loss of precious curls.

Incorrect food.  An unbalanced diet and debilitating diets, compiled according to the recommendations of fashion magazines, often cause depletion and loss of curls. In the struggle for a slender body, do not forget that a chiseled figure is much more attractive if a girl is adorned with thick hair.

Hormonal disorders also inevitably cause loss of curls. Most often, hair loss affects women after childbirth or during menopause, when the body is seriously reconstructed.

Dandruff in the 21st century remains one of the main external causes of hair loss. Seborrhea of ​​the scalp in vain excites you exclusively as an aesthetic problem. Noticing the white flakes of snow on your black jacket, do not try to get rid of only the external signs of the disease, urgently start to struggle with the causes of the problem.

Frequent chemical attack. Do not abuse the wave, coloring and active styling of curls. Broken thin hair, hair loss, hair loss and depression – that’s what awaits you if you decide to do chemical perm every three months.

How to solve the problem?

As we have already explained, the causes of hair loss are enough: the wrong diet and regimen, the constantly experienced stress or suddenly transferred stress, the body’s disease, seasonal immunity weakening, heredity.

In any case, if you notice such a symptom in your life, you need to find an explanation for it, and only after eliminating it, start restoring the volume of the hair. Before deciding how to strengthen the hair from falling out, carefully examine the body, loss of curls can signal a serious illness.