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How to use vitamins against hair loss issues ?

Hair loss: very many today suffer from this problem, but sometimes do not take it seriously. But hair is a kind of indicator of health, and the reasons for their intensive loss can be not only the wrong care, but also serious diseases, hormonal failure. Out of those lack of nutriments also plays in important part. Hence the importance of vitamins against hair loss issues. Do be careful though before engaging in self-medication, it is recommended to visit a doctor to perform a capillary diagnosis.

The root of the problem regarding vitamin deficiency is malnutrition

As early as the end of the 19th century, scientists discovered that certain diseases of the nervous system and internal organs are caused by a shortage of some substance in the food. The Polish scientist K. Funk singled out this substance and named it a vitamin (Latin Vita – life).

Vitamins are special chemical compounds, a small number of which are required by the body for normal functioning. Most of them can not synthesize themselves in the body, so they must come from the outside.

In a day a person needs only a few milligrams of vitamins – very little, right? But what horrific consequences can begin with their lack! To date, only about 20 vitamins are known – and the lack of any of them leads to disorders of the body. The fact is that many life processes occur with the participation of vitamins – including hair growth.

Inssuficient vitamin intake

With an insufficient intake of nutrients in the body, problems primarily begin with the hair follicle. Hair in one or another quantity requires useful elements, minerals, and vitamins.

Insufficient intake of vitamins in the body and a shortage of trace elements is called avitaminosis. Finally, the diagnosis can only be made by a doctor, which you should definitely contact if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Skin dullness, a feeling of tightness and dryness.
  • Placed hair ends, their loss, outwardly the hair seems lifeless.
  • Small cracks in the corners of the lips.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Constant feeling of fatigue, irritation, apathy.

The only way to treat vitamin deficiency is to get the body of all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

If you periodically encounter such a problem and it affects your beauty (especially in the winter season, when there is an acute shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits), then you need to memorize a “vitamin diet” like twice or twice.

Vitamins against hair loss, using masks as your “external” assistants

While your body is fighting with avitaminosis from the inside, it would be nice to help the hair with proper care. Liquid vitamins, bought in a pharmacy, perfectly cope with the task of restoring and strengthening hair falling out.

The best masks except vitamins contain natural ingredients – oils, herbal tea, lemon juice, honey. Try and see for yourself the effectiveness of folk recipes.

Herbal tea and vitamins

Brew 1 cup of boiling water for 1 tbsp. spoon flowers of linden, chamomile and nettle leaves, insist half an hour and strain. Add in the decoction of 1 ampoule of vitamins A, E, B1, B12 and 50g of rye bread. The mask should be applied to clean hair, thoroughly wiped into the scalp and spread over the entire length. Cover with a plastic wrap and a towel. After an hour wash off with shampoo.

Follow the mask every 3 days, the full course is 10-15 masks.

Oily formulations, vitamins, and yolk

2 tbsp. Spoon a castor oil mixed with 1 ampoule of an oil solution of vitamin D, add 3 yolks to the composition and mix well. Apply on hair and hold the hour.

This mask not only strengthens the hair but nourishes them. Do the mask once every 10 days – not more often, especially if your hair is prone to fat.

Vitamins against hair loss + honey + lemon + egg

Take 1 ampoule of vitamins A, E, D, B6, B12, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice and honey, 1 yolk. Mix everything, apply to hair for 1 hour.

Choose the recipe that you like best, and pamper yourself with masks. And then you will not be familiar with the problem of hair loss due to a lack of vitamins.

The importance of oils and vitamins of group B

To one beaten egg yolk add 1 tbsp. a spoon of burdock, almond, and sea buckthorn oil, pour into a mixture of 1 ampoule of liquid vitamins B6, B2, B12. Mask thoroughly and apply to dry hair roots. Cover with a plastic cap, wrap the heated towel on the battery. After an hour wash off with shampoo.

The course of treatment for such a mask is a month when performed every 5 days.

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