What is hair transplant success rate?

Many patients who are interested in undergoing this cosmetic surgery, worry about the percentage of successful hair transplantation that can be expected. The aspects related to the theme of the success rate are different.


Does hair transplant work?

In short, the answer is, in almost all cases, certainly yes!


Graft survival at the transplant

For successful hair transplantation, the grafts must survive and adapt to the new area in which they were transplanted. Clinical studies have shown that approximately 85-95% of all implanted bulbs grow without problems in the transplanted area. This high percentage indicates that hair transplants, in general, have a high success rate.

There are some patients who are afraid that there is a so-called transplant rejection phenomenon, as happens with other transplants. In fact, this fear is totally unfounded, because hair follicles are “donated” by their own body, so they will not be rejected.

There may be situations in which the grafts do not grow optimally. In these very rare cases, the doctor, after establishing the causes (as could be an inflammatory disorder) will intervene immediately.


Natural appearance of transplanted hair

Hair transplanted or not, grow naturally in small groups of one to four hairs. They are surrounded by a support system of glands, muscles and connective tissue that forms the so-called follicular units.

In our clinic we use only these natural follicular units for grafts, and for this reason there is no possibility of a pierced appearance, so to speak similar to that of a doll. This type of effect was very common a few decades ago.

For this cause, the surgeon must pay attention to many factors to ensure a natural appearance. These aspects are the angles, the colour, the textures, the directions and the diameter of the bulbs that must correspond exactly to the existing hair of the patient.

In addition, a series of irregularities and randomness in the hairline must coexist, such as those of the follicles donated from the nape, to have a more natural appearance. The natural curve of the hairline must also be taken into account, as well as a hairline adapted to the age of the patient.


Patient satisfaction

We could talk about graft rates and counts all the time, but the real measure of hair transplant success rates is real when patients are satisfied with the final result. With us, 100% of patients say they are very happy with the results obtained. Many define their hair transplant as a real-life change.

Our transplants also have a 30-year guarantee, because we are sure we can only offer the highest quality and professional services.

The hair transplant techniques we use, FUE and FUT, are the best in the hair care sector and each patient is carefully evaluated.


For more information on hair transplants in Turkey, the FUE technique or the costs of a transplant, please contact us by WhatsApp or by phone. You can find lots of useful information about prices and procedures in our blog.

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